What’s On The Playlist

First, There is so much new music out this week that it is hard to make a playlist. Of course, there was so much new music that I couldn’t afford to buy it all. But I definitely look forward to spending more time with the new Skillet record, the new Leeland, and the new Selah CD. And for you rockers, I’m enjoying this new EP by Silverline. And of course, there’s new records by Matt Redman and Aaron Shust to consider as well.

Second, there are many recent releases that are staying in my playlist. Both the new Risk Everything CD and the piano record West Tisbury by Nathan Lee are still at the top of the charts along with the new Derek Webb, Stockholm Syndrome. I guess I need to keep talking about that one since it’s not out yet. And Matt Papa is a great new worship artist, incredibly creative, who released a great new record last week called Your Kingdom Come. Still listening to the new Kings of Leon (incredible) and the latest Third Day, Revelation. Oh, and still killing the Albertine record by Brooke Fraser. And lastly, I’m still really enjoying the new Aaron Ivey worship project, Between the Beauty and the Chaos. I’m learning two of the songs off there to start leading in worship myself, The Name and Found. Great record.

As far as new stuff, I’m enjoying the new Ingrid Michaelson record. I found her originally because she had one of my favorite videos of the last, well, quite some time. It was a great song called The Way I Am. You might have heard it on innumerable Old Navy commercials. Unfortunately the video is not on iTunes but you can see it on YouTube. It’s about a normal girl who is an outcast in a world of clowns. Awesome. Anyway, she is a great clever songwriter. And her new record came out this week as well. I listened to the first song and was shocked at the resemblance to one of the great Christian songwriters of our generation, Sara Groves. The whole record is full of clever quirky pop songs. Sort Of is a great song, a wonderful ballad at #4. And the record ends with Maybe, another killer pop tune. The cool thing is she’s still indie. No big record deal for her. So you can get the whole record and the video for Maybe for $7.99 on iTunes. And the video for Maybe is awesome. Really creative. I think just as creative as the new Coldplay video everyone is swooning over but this is done by an Indie girl. No big financial system behind her. Anyway, cool record.

And let’s look at a few songs individually for a moment,

Shine On Us – great worship song by Cory Asbury. He’s one of the younger generation at IHOP. Not the pancake place, the prayer place. The worship place, that’s already given us Misty Edwards and others.

Everyone To Know – Bethany Dillon – I don’t understand why this isn’t the most played song at Christian radio right now. It’s infectious. I love it. My wife finally started asking me what I was humming all the time, because I don’t usually do that. And it was this song.

Move aside Disney Channel starlettes, for my kids, it’s Britt Nicole, all day, all night. The Lost Get Found, That’s How We Roll, and Welcome to The Show are the favorites around here. When I get to pick, we start with the last track, Have Your Way. We loved having her on the Christmas tour and year and a half ago. She sang Magnificat and really led worship. Awesome.

Well, that’s probably enough for this time. Enjoying listening.