What They’re Really Like, Vol. 2: Jason Gray

I met Jason years ago at a World Vision conference. I had a great time getting to know him. I listened to his music, and had one thought. “This guy is really great; it’s too bad no one will ever sign him because he stutters.” I thought no one would be able to look past that one issue. Fortunately I was wrong. Some other friends of mine at Centricity Music heard Jason’s music and brought it to the world’s attention. And his huge record Everything Sad Is Coming Untrue finally got the attention it deserved, especially the smash hit, More Like Falling In Love. The fun part about writing these blogs is that I can use phrases like “huge record” and “smash hit” that would make Jason very uncomfortable.

You need to see Jason in concert. Because one of the things you would not know about Jason just from singing along with the radio is that he is a great storyteller. It is wonderful to see how God has used what man saw as a weakness as a way to reveal the glory of God. He weaves his own story, his encounters with God and life, through his music. He definitely takes you on a journey.

Another thing you wouldn’t know about Jason is that he’s a great husband and dad. We had only crossed paths professionally until a couple of years ago, when he brought his family to GMA. It was so great to see another side of him. As everyone else is posturing so that the industry will see the most impressive side of them, Jason is wrestling with his kids in the eating area. Having a conversation with most people there consisted of trying to get one point across while they were scanning the crowd for someone they needed to talk to more. But Jason was present in that moment. He talked to me. He wanted to hear some of my story and was willing to share some of his. The only thing that took his attention away was his kids, as it should be.

I haven’t gotten to know Jason as well as I would like to. I am looking forward to having that opportunity. You can get to know him better by listening to his brand new album, A Way To See In The Dark. It has some killer songs on it. Just promise me you’ll read the lyrics to The Other Side while you listen to it. I don’t want you to miss anything. Incredible verses. And man, there is some serious wisdom about fear in two songs, No Thief Like Fear & Fear is Easy, Love is Hard. I Will Find A Way will crush you. Make sure you don’t have anything to do after listening to it. It takes some time to recover. And I’m sure you’ll all hear a lot of Remind Me Who I Am on the radio soon.

You can find Jason online at jasongraymusic.com. You can follow him at @jasongraymusic on Twitter. You can pray for his wife and kids. You can go buy the new record, or pull out one of the old ones and give it a listen.

Thoughts? Favorite Jason Gray lyric?