PRT Update #5

We made it through the first six shows of the west coast run, and finally had a day off here in Spokane. We’re still looking forward to the show here tomorrow. A lot of the tour folk have gone off exploring the malls, restaurants, and movie theaters. I think they were trying to find a scary movie for Halloween. I missed all that. I did go walk around Gonzaga. It’s really pretty out here.

We’ve had a great run so far. We started outside Kansas City, well an hour and a half outside KC, in Chillicothe. Great night with wonderful people. And they had this great bbq. No, not KC Masterpiece. It was called Wabash. Then we attempted to drive to Denver. Unfortunately, my bus didn’t quite make it. We had a blowout in the middle of KS. We made it eventually (5 hours late) and had an incredible night. Thanks to the tons of people who packed that place. And thanks to all our crew for setting up in record
time. We had another good night in Cheyenne. Great basketball game that day. Usually we play bball and everyone figures out that I’m not very good and kind of leaves me alone. But not in Wyoming. They knew who I was and they guarded me the whole game. All three games in fact. 3 games, 0 points. Oh well, it was still a good night. Then we pulled into Salt Lake City. It was our third time at that church. It was great to see the spiritual growth in that place. We had two shows in Montana: Missoula and Kalispell. We were excited to see people that we met on the BQ tour a couple of years ago. Both nights were wonderful.

This weekend we have two shows in Washington, one in Idaho, and one in Oregon. It should be great. I love this part of the country.

Hope to see you out there.