Blog Delay

Well, I’ve put off blogging because I was trying to finish this one particular blog. But I haven’t. And I shouldn’t put you off any longer. So instead I’ll just tell you about the last two great weekends I’ve had.

First, I went to Wyoming. Casper, specifically. I taught in a songwriting workshop and played a solo acoustic show. It was really wonderful. We spent all day talking about Christ and how to celebrate Him in music. The people were very kind and willing to follow along whether or not I actually knew what I was talking about. We ended up talking a lot about purpose. That why you’re writing determines a lot of what you’re writing. And come to think of it, that’s probably true a lot in life as well. Then the day finished off with a solo acoustic show. We had a great intimate atmosphere. Since there had been quite a bit of difficulty getting there, we had to skip one section of the workshop, the Q&A. So instead I put it in the middle of the concert. It actually turned into a really special time. And I had the chance to talk about the Christmas record in the middle of August. The merch table sold out of the Christmas record that night. Unfortunately I had only brought 3.

My family spend a few days the next week with the cell phones off, vacationing. Nothing completes a vacation like the Lazy River. Unfortunately, we had one family member with a stomach bug. Still a good trip though.

Then this past weekend I was in Mississippi. We had a DNow with a bunch of students. It was a great time. We played volleyball for maybe an hour and a half before the first service. So I showed up all sweaty. Very impressive and professional. The worship band was the Joy Whitlock Worship Extravaganza. Okay, that’s not really their name, but I think it has a nice ring to it. They did a great job. Joy says she’s not a worship leader, but I think there is some real potential there. She’s real, and she loves Jesus. Two very important parts. I fell in love with one of the songs they did, None But Jesus. I thought maybe she wrote it, but it turns out it’s a Hillsong United tune. Off an album I already own. Oops. Anyway, it’s a great song. I was the speaker for the weekend: one message Friday, two Saturday, and one Sunday at church. It was a great weekend.

Thanks to everyone who was a part. I’d love to hear what God did in your life during our time together and since.


DYSWIS Tour Update #3

A great week with Rush of Fools and Meredith Andrews. We had a great time with some wonderful folks. We played a show in Hardin, KY. Church in the middle of nowhere but what a great church. Then on to Morton MS which somehow was even smaller. We actually played in a state park. But the concert was awesome. We packed the place out and really worshipped the Lord in a powerful way that night. So thanks to all who came out. Now we’re back on the bus heading to AL. See you there.


DYSWIS Tour Update #2

Well, here we are on the bus driving across Missouri. We’ve done 1 show just the Agnew band, 2 shows with Meredith Andrews, and now two shows with Meredith and Rush of Fools. Maybe we should add an artist every two shows. In a few months we could have everyone in Christian music on the tour. Of course, then the ticket prices would be so high that no one could come to the show and then we would all starve, so maybe that’s not so good of an idea.

But this weekend has been great in Missouri. We started in Joplin and then played El Dorado Springs last night. I know you may not have heard of that town but they were wonderful and it was a really great church. It’s good to have the Rush boys back out and see how they have grown up. And Meredith may be new, but you need to check her out. She has a powerful ministry and a wonderful voice. I wish her husband Jacob could have come as well, but he is needed back at their home church. Which I understand and appreciate.

Now we are on the way to Kentucky and then on to Mississippi, I believe. This should be a great Christmas tour. We have really enjoyed it so far. Other than the bus getting stuck at midnight last night when it was 10 degrees outside. But I guess you have to have adventures. Hope to see you soon.


PRT Final Update

Well, the Promise Remains tour came to a close this weekend. We had a great night with a group of students at Windermere Camp in Missouri. Saturday, we played Hope Pres in Memphis. So it was basically a home show for me. I got to see a lot of old friends and worship with a lot of folks who have been worshipping with me for a long time. It was a great night. And we finished in Milan TN. The night was filled with small pranks, like fake marriage proposals, nerf guns, and blackouts. But it was a great night to end tour.

We’ve had a wonderful fall. Thanks to our brothers in Building 429 and our sisters in Kimber Risingfor making it all happen. Thanks to our tech crew/road managers/merch guys: Brian, Johnny, Ryan, John, Richard, Josh, and Jason. Thanks to Cortni for doing all the World Vision side of things. To Brent and Dilon for driving. And to Claire, Avery and Haven for making each day fun and special.

As always, it was an honor to have Brian by my side playing drums. And I am very proud of Sam and Richard. They did a great job stepping into a new band for the fall.

Thanks to all of you who came out. We had a great time. Now Thanksgiving,
then Christmas tour. See you then.


PRT Tour Update #3

What a strange weekend. First of all, I am so sorry to all of you in Jacksonville and Orlando. We were really looking forward to being with you this weekend. But the shows fell through due to “unforeseen circumstances” according to the report I got. We love you guys and look forward to seeing you again in the future.

We did however get in two good nights this weekend. Thanks to everyone in Graceville or Dothan that came to that show Thursday. It was great to be with you, especially to all the college students. It was good to hang out with you and just talk and get to know you all. And then we had a special night in Brandon/Tampa. Thanks to the church. It was a beautiful place and a very intimate atmosphere for a concert. We had a wonderful crowd. Thanks for walking through a unique night. Thanks for letting me try out a new song on you. Yes, even newer than the new record. Got to start writing for the next record sometime, might as well be now. And thanks to everyone who is checking out the new album NEED already. We really appreciate not only your support in buying, but just that you believe in what God is doing in our ministry. Hope to see you all soon. Maybe in NC or OH this weekend.



PRT Tour Update #2

We had a great second weekend of tour. We started in Cleveland, GA, at Truett-McConnell College. We played in an un-airconditioned gym. In Georgia. Not exactly ideal conditions, but we had great people at the show. We had a wonderful crowd that stuck it out through the heat. Then we moved on to Columbus GA, where we had another good crowd that was augmented by a great group of Dnow students.

Saturday we had an amazing day in Myrtle Beach, SC. It was a block party. They had blocked off a street and set up a stage. We had a huge crowd full of amazing people. It was really a wonderful night. We feared the rain all day but God held it off. Then in between our second and third songs, fireworks started going off. I was going to wait and let people watch, but they were ready to worship. It was really a great night. And we had Mellow Mushroom on the bus.

We finished Sunday in Spindale, NC. I know, I had never heard of it either, but it turned out to be a nice little town in Western NC with a bunch of great people who came out to the show that night. We played in a beautiful theater. And then we headed home.

We’ve had a couple days off and are about to head to Florida for the weekend. We start Thursday in Graceville, just south of Dothan AL. Then we hit Tampa, Jacksonville, and Orlando. So to all your Floridians, we’d love to see you this weekend.

Till next time,


PRT Tour Update #1

What a first weekend of tour! We have a great team out on the road. I’ll list them so you can add them to your prayer list. The Building 429 guys: Jason, Jesse, Aaron, and Michael. The Kimber Rising girls: Brianne, Danielle, and Amanda. The crew: Brian, Ryan, John, Johnny, Josh, and Jason. Representing World Vision is Jason Roy’s wife Courtney so the kids get to come too. And last but not least our bus drivers: Brent and Sidney. Or maybe it’s Cindy. I couldn’t get a straight answer from the Building guys. So that’s our team. We will covet your prayers over the next two months. I think that kind of coveting is okay.

We started the weekend with an outdoor show in St. Louis, well, actually in St. Charles. We were afraid of rain, but God sent the storms another direction and we had a beautiful day. We actually had amazing weather all weekend. Even the night it rained it was gorgeous all day. So we got off to a great start in St. Charles and Neosho, MO (aka St. Louis and Joplin). Then Saturday we were in Chicago, well, actually Elmhurst. I don’t know if you’ve noticed but we never actually play in a big city. We play in smaller places near big places. But what a night! The people in = Chicago were amazing. Thank you all so much for coming out. It was a wonderful night. Then we continued to another great town in Mequon, WI. I have to say, I don’t think I’ve ever had tour catering like that place. The food was amazing. And anyone who knows me knows that is important to me. They were incredible and very kind. And we finished tonight in North Mankato, MN. It was a Monday night so some people had to head home a little early. At least the Vikings weren’t playing Monday Night Football. But we had a wonderful time with the people here..

So thanks to all of you who came out and made the first weekend of tour so special. The Building guys and the Kimber girls are going to make this a wonderful tour. It is already a family. I am definitely looking forward to what God is going to do along the way. Hope to see you when we get near you. This coming weekend is Cleveland, GA, Columbus, GA, Myrtle Beach, SC, and Spindale, NC.

See you on the road.