PRT Update 6

Well, I’m sick. I can’t do anything so I thought I’d update you on the tour. It’s still going. We’re finally heading back from the west coast run. Since I last wrote, we’ve come all the way down the coast, Washington to Oregon, to California, to Nevada, back to California, and now to Arizona. I love it out here. It’s absolutely beautiful. We’ve met some great people. Thanks to all of you who have been a part of this tour. It’s been great.

It’s been really exciting to see the band coming together. They are all great players, but over the last week, I think we’ve started to see some really special stuff happening. Some of it musically, and some spiritually. If you haven’t seen the show or didn’t know who was up there, it’s still Brian and me. But we have Sam Weaver on guitar. He is continuing to grow as a player and as a part of the band. He has brought some things we have not yet had as a part of the Agnew band. It’s been neat to learn to play with him. And Richard Davis is on bass. Richard is a tender strong spirit that really holds down the fort on bass. He is one of the hardest workers I have ever known. I just pray that his body and spirit hold up on these long runs. But the music has really been a joy.

I’m sad we’re missing Texas on this tour. I guess we’ve never gotten to play our home state very much. The Chandler show was cancelled a few weeks ago and I just found out the Lubbock show for this week was cancelled as well. I guess it does give me one more day to get well before Tulsa on Friday.

Hope to see you out there.