Your Thoughts on a Thought on Good Friday

What would this weekend look like through the blood-stained tint of the cross? If we could put on glasses when we wake up tomorrow and spend the day seeing how the cross affects each life we encounter, each action we choose, and each moment we spend, how would it look to us? How would it change our perspective? And our choices? I hope it would change them greatly. I fear it would not change them at all. I fear Christ has hung for so long on our mantles that His cross is no longer is our sight. Just as over time we grow used to the wonders around us, and their magic dissipates in our lives.

A friend of mine went on a mission trip to South America. He came across a spot where he had the most beautiful view he had ever seen with his eyes. Mountains and forests. Trees and flowers. The best of God’s creation. But in the midst of it, he saw a soccer game. These children did their best to follow a ball around a field and kick it. They were not distracted at all by the beauty around them; in fact, they did not even notice it. In the midst of the pinnacle of God’s creation, they were fascinated by a manmade leather ball.

My kids are amazed. By everything. Sometimes it seems silly. But many times I wish I was still amazed by those things. I am so callous to all around me that I don’t even notice. I hope we are not like that with the cross, but I’m fairly sure we are. Let us pray that God will open our eyes. This weekend may we see our entire world in the shadow of His cross. And be amazed.