Recording #6, Ardent Sessions, Day Eleven

Well, this is turning into a tough record. Not for us, but for our loved ones. Scott is the engineer, and the first week his wife was in the hospital. Last week, my kid had the flu. Now this week, Paul, the producer is married to Robin. And last night he had to leave the studio to take her to the hospital. She thought she had broken her elbow, and i haven’t talked to paul since then to get the official update. And Aislynn, at the label, had her car broken into. So please be praying not only for us, but for those attached to our lives as well.

Yesterday was good. We put bass on the last song, Love Your Neighbor. Then we pulled everything from tape into pro tools. I love the sound of analog. Sounds great.

Today is a singing day. So be praying for my voice as we try to knock out all the vocals this week. Time to get warmed up and get to work.


Recording #6, Ardent Sessions, Day Five

Well, it’s the last day of week one. We got some great work done yesterday. Tracked three songs. We started with You Are Good. It’s a worship song I wrote to use at church for communion. Then we recorded a tune called Loved that I wrote with Michael Farren from Pocket Full of Rocks and Tony Wood. We finished the day with Give What’s In Your Hand. It’s about how God just asks us to give what He has given us. Song turned out really cool, if I do say so myself.

Today we’re moving on to guitars. It’s pretty crazy that we’ve recorded the drums for the whole record already. I’m really excited about how this is turning out. Be praying for Sadler today as we work on guitars. Then you can pray about me getting home safely tonight. Definitely ready to be home.


Recording #6, Ardent Sessions, Day Four

Well, yesterday was a good day. A stressful day with a lot of hard work, but a good day. We started on the Love Your Neighbor song. It was a bit unwieldy but I think we did a good job. Then we spent the second half of the day on a song called There Is Coming A Day. Paul thinks it’s a smash. I don’t really know what that means anymore, but I was pleased with how it came out. This has been a really neat experience. Two songs that I had a very simple minimalistic view of, Paul has seen greatness in them. Honestly I thought There Is Coming A Day would be a Patty Griffin, acoustic guitar over background keyboards, honest, thoughtful last song on the record. Instead it’s pretty massive. I’m really looking forward to how it turns out. It’s taken out of Isaiah 25 if anyone wants to spend some time there before the record comes out. In half a year. That’s a lot of good time to study it.

Today I think we’re going to take a crack at You Are Good. So all you home folks from the Austin Stone will have a song on here. honestly, in all my preparation, I had forgotten it. But when I led at church a few weeks ago, one of our pastors walked up and said, “This one’s going to be on there, right?” So we’re going to record it. I actually wrote it because we needed a song for communion one Sunday. We don’t really have any songs for communion any more. Well, hopefully we will after today.

Please be praying for us today. It’s the same team: Paul, Scott, Sadler, and Denton. Thanks.