Relief In Haiti

Dear friends,

I am sure most of you are already in action, both in prayer and in deed.  The disaster in Haiti is monumental but I believe the church is up to the task.  We have been growing more and more active over the last few years.  I am excited to see what God does in this time.  If you would like to be a part, you can go to  At their site, you can donate to an emergency relief fund or sponsor a child from to make a long term difference.  If you would like to look into something even more long term, there is always adoption.  There will be a huge need.  Haiti had one and a half million orphans before yesterday.  That number should climb astronomically this week.  You can look at this website, Heartline Ministries.  It is a beautiful ministry that helps adoption of these children.  I would also appreciate your prayers for a wonderful missionary family, the Livesays, Troy and Tara.  You can check out their blog to read more about them.

Also, please pray for our friends, the Iveys.  Aaron is one of the worship leaders at our church and they are an amazing family.  They have been in the middle of the adoption process bringing two children Amos and Story to the US from Haiti.  Story finally made it here but Amos is still there.  They have received news that he is okay, but this is obviously a difficult time for them.  You can read more at his blog, or check out his new record, Between the Beauty and the Chaos, which has a song, Amos Story, on it.

And last but definitely not least, here is one way you can make a difference right now.  And come out of it looking more fashionable.  There are tshirts on sale where all the proceeds go to relief in Haiti.  You can get yours right now.  Just click HERE.