Recording #6, Ardent Sessions, Day Sixteen

Day 15 was yesterday but I didn’t blog. It’s been an eventful week. On the home front, we had Valentine’s Day, our anniversary, and a trip to see my family in Pennsylvania. My sister has opened a new cupcake store, Pink Champagne Cupcakerie, to much success and critical acclaim. Well, there’s not much criticism in the world of cupcakes. It was awesome to see their new venture, and of course, to try all the cupcakes. You should stop by if you’re in NW PA.

On the work front, Ellie Holcomb sang on the record last week. She is part of Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors. She did an incredible job on my songs, and she sang wonderfully on their new record, Chasing Someday, which I highly recommend. Go check it out on iTunes. You can go right now. This blog will till be here when you get back.

Today we’re mixing. By ‘we’, I mean, Scott is mixing and I’m sitting on the couch. Every once I a while, i make a suggestion, and then they tell me why we don’t really need to do that. But it’s going well. We’re finishing a song called Letting Go. I’ll write a ‘Story Behind the Song’ blog about that one soon.


Recording #6, Ardent Sessions, Day 14.2

Now I know that’s not a regular number. But I’m not actually in the studio today. I’m at home, celebrating the day in between Valentine’s Day and my anniversary. But in the studio, they are recording some background vocals today, so I wanted to let you know about that. Ellie Holcomb from the band Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors is singing on the record today. She has an amazing voice. I’d appreciate your prayers for her today. You can also pick up the new Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors CD which came out last week called Chasing Someday. You can get it on iTunes or at a store or probably online. It’s really great. Take a listen. Also, if you’re in Memphis, go check them out tonight at Minglewood Hall. They’re on the road with Marc Broussard.

Thanks. I have my 3 year anniversary tomorrow and a trip to my parents this weekend, so you probably won’t hear from me until I’m back in the studio next week. Till then…


Recording #6, Ardent Sessions, Day Fourteen

Well, here we are. I forgot to post this morning, but now we’re back from lunch. We worked a bit on House of Boxes. Now we’re about to sing Loved. Then we’ll knock out a few backgrounds, and then it’s time to head home. So you can pray for me as I sing this afternoon. Then you can pray for some good time as I’m home with my family this week. And you can pray for Paul and Scott as they continue to work on the record. Thanks.


Recording #6, Ardent Sessions, Day Twelve

Well, of course, today we have one surgery, one doctor appointment, one repairman, one plumber, and now it’s a snow day as well. I have gotten to sing one song already. I think it went well. For today, please be praying for my voice. I mean, it’s doing fine, no problems, I would just like for it to remain like that. And please pray for all of us, for healing, for safety, for wisdom, for comfort. I’d appreciate it. We’ll probably sing at least one more today and work on keys and editing and stuff as well.


Recording #6, Ardent Sessions, Day Eleven

Well, this is turning into a tough record. Not for us, but for our loved ones. Scott is the engineer, and the first week his wife was in the hospital. Last week, my kid had the flu. Now this week, Paul, the producer is married to Robin. And last night he had to leave the studio to take her to the hospital. She thought she had broken her elbow, and i haven’t talked to paul since then to get the official update. And Aislynn, at the label, had her car broken into. So please be praying not only for us, but for those attached to our lives as well.

Yesterday was good. We put bass on the last song, Love Your Neighbor. Then we pulled everything from tape into pro tools. I love the sound of analog. Sounds great.

Today is a singing day. So be praying for my voice as we try to knock out all the vocals this week. Time to get warmed up and get to work.


Recording #6, Ardent Sessions, Day Nine

Well, yesterday was tough. Just tough at home. Studio stuff went well. I’m really starting to feel like someone doesn’t want this record to come out. That’s really encouraging. But it’s still hard. My wife is doing an amazing job taking care of things at home. We have frozen pipes, sick kids. All kinds of stuff. So please be praying for our home.

Yesterday, I played some keyboards. Sadler finished up most of the electric guitar work. So I guess today we’ll clean up a few things, and start singing. Then I’ll head home tonight. Tomorrow we’ll be worshipping with a bunch of men in Houston. That’s going to be awesome. And then I’ll get to be at my church Sunday before coming back to the studio next week.

Recording #6, Ardent Sessions, Day Eight

Well, yesterday was another good day. At least here in the studio. I finished the last of my acoustic tracks. Well, come to think of it, there is one other song that doesn’t have drums. So I still need to do that one. It’s called House of Boxes, so that will probably be on the list of what to do today. Sadler finished up another song, Letting Go. It sounds killer. So today will be more guitars and probably the first vocals. So again you can be praying for all of us: Paul, Scott, Sadler, and me.

You can also continue to pray for my family and home. We still have one sick kid. She’s been sick a lot this year. And she’s having a hard time getting well right now. If that wasn’t enough, some pipes froze at our house last night. Not the regular ones. We take care of those. It was the pipes to the washing machine in the utility room. So please pray for my wife, as she has to deal with all these things on her own with me far away. Thanks.


Recording #6, Ardent Sessions, Day Seven

Well, yesterday went well. Kids are doing better. Wife is better as well, and most importantly they all got a good night of sleep last night. That always helps. At least in my family.

Here at work, I knocked out three songs on acoustic. Sadler finished one on electric. But it’s a good one. And I finished two of my hardest songs, so that’s good to have under my belt.

It’s really been neat to watch all this come together. For the first time in my career, Paul is really approaching me not as a musician, but as a communicator of truth. And in that line, our purpose is to communicate well and to communicate to as many as God allows. So we are having conversations over melody, over arrangement, over tone, that all ask how can we best communicate this to people. I’m really enjoying it. It’s definitely challenging me.

So today, still please pray for my family. Recuperating is always tough. Heading back into your schedule when you’re still not 100% is hard. And also be praying for us. Paul, Scott, Sadler, and I will all be at work today. We’ll probably be doing electric guitars on You Are Good and Love is a Lot About You. And we’ll probably get to work on Letting Go today as well, for all those of you in Recovery and those of you that should be.

Well, it’s time to eat my oatmeal and head to work.