Recording #6, Ardent Sessions, Day Thirteen

Well, good morning. I just woke up here at Ardent on one of our comfy couches. I spent the night here, because Memphis got a lot of snow yesterday. I know Memphis drivers and felt it was probably safer to stay here. So I sent everyone home, had a burger from the Blue Monkey, talked with my family, worked till 10, watched an episode of Fringe, and went to sleep. It’s kind of weird to go to bed where you’ve worked all day, and then to work all day where you slept last night. But it’s an experience to add to the list.

So yesterday, we knocked out two more vocals, There Is Coming A Day and Someone You Love. Both have high G’s in them somewhere. Not fun. But we got it done. Scott comped and did some more editing. I knocked out some keyboard stuff after everyone went home. So today we still have to sing a couple of songs. And we have to record the one song that doesn’t have drums. It’s called House of Boxes. So hopefully everyone is safe and will come into work in a while. Thanks for your prayers.