Between A Rock And A Hard Place

Well, I’m really in the day between releasing the record and playing the next show on tour. I just wanted to thank everyone who bought the new record, either on release day or pre-ordered. I really appreciate your support and you being a part of our community. I have enjoyed already hearing from some of you and look forward to more. I’m supposed to tell you to post a review on iTunes or Amazon or something if you want to. Okay, business is out of the way.

So we’re definitely looking forward to heading out to NC, OH, and KY this weekend. The tour has been great and we’re excited about what God is going to continue to do. We’ll get back into promises later this week as our tour devos continue. We’re headed into the life of Moses this week. Please continue to pray for the tour and the record and the lives of everyone involved. We are excited about this next season in ministry whatever it may look like. Hope to see you on the road. Hope to hear from you here.