The Final Addendum

How surprised do you think I was when I check my voicemail and hear, “Hey Todd, this is Mike Novak, president and CEO of KLOVE and Air1.” I think, “Oh no, what have I done? I am not ever blogging again.” But after a great conversation yesterday afternoon, I am very encouraged. I still don’t know all the details nor do I want to. What I am confident in is that there are godly men and women on BOTH sides of this issue. And I believe they are taking steps towards working as a family. I don’t know all the answers. But it seems like a common ground is possible. And so, I’m going to close out this series of industry commentaries with one thought and I’m getting back to music and the Bible. Those I understand better. But my last thought is this: we don’t need to criticize other parts of the body; we need to pray for them. And I don’t mean that you nod your head as you read this post and agree that we need to pray for them. I mean, take some time and go do it. Go pray. Put this on your prayer list. Go find the name of the head of your local radio station and start praying for them. Go find the name of the head of a label who makes music you like and start praying for them. Let’s intercede on their behalf. I don’t know how to mediate this issue. I don’t even really know how to comment on it intelligently. But I do know it’s a problem. And problems are resolved not by my wisdom, but by God. So, let’s ask Him. I am directly encouraging you to spend some time today praying over this issue and for these people. Mike told me there were more meetings coming soon. They are pursuing a solution. So let’s support them in prayer. That’s it for me. I’m getting back to studying Martin Luther.