PRT Final Update

Well, the Promise Remains tour came to a close this weekend. We had a great night with a group of students at Windermere Camp in Missouri. Saturday, we played Hope Pres in Memphis. So it was basically a home show for me. I got to see a lot of old friends and worship with a lot of folks who have been worshipping with me for a long time. It was a great night. And we finished in Milan TN. The night was filled with small pranks, like fake marriage proposals, nerf guns, and blackouts. But it was a great night to end tour.

We’ve had a wonderful fall. Thanks to our brothers in Building 429 and our sisters in Kimber Risingfor making it all happen. Thanks to our tech crew/road managers/merch guys: Brian, Johnny, Ryan, John, Richard, Josh, and Jason. Thanks to Cortni for doing all the World Vision side of things. To Brent and Dilon for driving. And to Claire, Avery and Haven for making each day fun and special.

As always, it was an honor to have Brian by my side playing drums. And I am very proud of Sam and Richard. They did a great job stepping into a new band for the fall.

Thanks to all of you who came out. We had a great time. Now Thanksgiving,
then Christmas tour. See you then.


Promises Pt. 15

“No man shall be able to stand before you all the days of your life. Just as I was with Moses, so I will be with you.  I will not leave yoorbor forsake you,” (Joshua 1:5 ESV).

Imagine trying to be the shooting guard for the Chicago Bulls after Jordan retired.  Even if you are the second best basketball player to ever play the game, you’re still not good enough. That’s the position Joshua is in at the beginning of the aptly named book of Joshua.  Israel has just buried Moses, one of the most dominant characters in the OT.  He met God in a burning bush.  He led the Israelites out of Egypt.  He was a part of God parting the Red Sea. He physically saw God’s back from the cleft of the mountain. He
delivered the 10 Commandments.  And Joshua has to take his place.

Joshua has to lead the people into a foreign land.  He has to lead the army to conquer this territory.  He has to be in charge of the spiritual walk of an entire nation.  His obstacles and responsibilities are immense.  But as he takes charge, God makes him a promise. “I will be with you.”  At the end of the day, if God is with him, he is able to overcome any obstacle.  He can conquer any opposition with God at his side.

And God is on our side as well.  He will not leave us or forsake us.

Your thoughts?


PRT Update #4

Sorry I’ve been off schedule with posting. Tour is busy and I’ve had two kids home sick with the flu. Hard to get stuff done sometimes. Anyway, we did have a busy weekend last week. We started in Alexandria, KY, right outside of Cincinnati. An old friend of mine, Phillip Brunner, is the worship pastor there, so it was a good day seeing his life and ministry and then getting to worship with his church that night. We moved on to Mechanicsburg, PA, and I can admit that I was shocked to find a huge beautiful church out in the middle of southern PA. They were wonderful people and it was a good night. We hoofed it all the way to NC for the Saturday show. We were in Wilmington, B429’s hometown. It was the first time they had done a big outdoor festival like this but they did a great job. We were joined for the day by High Flight Society and a few other bands. It started to get a little chilly by the end. Our guitars were going out of tune. I was glad I had offered to let Building play last! Then we finished the weekend in Anderson, SC. Another great night, almost sold out. I spent the day trying to figure out how to get over to see Donald Miller who was half an hour away in Greenville. But it was not to be. We did have a wonderful night with the people there though.

Now we’ve had a couple of days off and are headed out on the three and a half week west coast run. We start in Chillicothe, MO, which I realize is not on the west coast. But it is on the way. Please be praying for our families and our bodies as we are on this huge run. Thanks.

Hope to see you out there.


PRT Tour Update #3

What a strange weekend. First of all, I am so sorry to all of you in Jacksonville and Orlando. We were really looking forward to being with you this weekend. But the shows fell through due to “unforeseen circumstances” according to the report I got. We love you guys and look forward to seeing you again in the future.

We did however get in two good nights this weekend. Thanks to everyone in Graceville or Dothan that came to that show Thursday. It was great to be with you, especially to all the college students. It was good to hang out with you and just talk and get to know you all. And then we had a special night in Brandon/Tampa. Thanks to the church. It was a beautiful place and a very intimate atmosphere for a concert. We had a wonderful crowd. Thanks for walking through a unique night. Thanks for letting me try out a new song on you. Yes, even newer than the new record. Got to start writing for the next record sometime, might as well be now. And thanks to everyone who is checking out the new album NEED already. We really appreciate not only your support in buying, but just that you believe in what God is doing in our ministry. Hope to see you all soon. Maybe in NC or OH this weekend.



PRT Tour Update #2

We had a great second weekend of tour. We started in Cleveland, GA, at Truett-McConnell College. We played in an un-airconditioned gym. In Georgia. Not exactly ideal conditions, but we had great people at the show. We had a wonderful crowd that stuck it out through the heat. Then we moved on to Columbus GA, where we had another good crowd that was augmented by a great group of Dnow students.

Saturday we had an amazing day in Myrtle Beach, SC. It was a block party. They had blocked off a street and set up a stage. We had a huge crowd full of amazing people. It was really a wonderful night. We feared the rain all day but God held it off. Then in between our second and third songs, fireworks started going off. I was going to wait and let people watch, but they were ready to worship. It was really a great night. And we had Mellow Mushroom on the bus.

We finished Sunday in Spindale, NC. I know, I had never heard of it either, but it turned out to be a nice little town in Western NC with a bunch of great people who came out to the show that night. We played in a beautiful theater. And then we headed home.

We’ve had a couple days off and are about to head to Florida for the weekend. We start Thursday in Graceville, just south of Dothan AL. Then we hit Tampa, Jacksonville, and Orlando. So to all your Floridians, we’d love to see you this weekend.

Till next time,



August 17, 2009…Nashville, TN…Building 429 and singer/songwriter Todd Agnew will embark on the fall “Promise Remains Tour” sponsored by World Vision. In addition, new female trio Kimber Rising is slated to open the tour as they visit 40+ dates across the U.S. beginning September 17th.

Both Building 429 and Todd Agnew have been long-time partners with World Vision. In the past year, Building 429 and the organization paired up for the “Truth Hope and Love Tour” and the highly successful World Vision Summerfest tour.

“It’s been over five years since Todd and Building have toured together,” explains Building 429 lead singer Jason Roy. “When we drew up a vision for the tour, the thought process was simple: God’s promises remain true today, even with the economic hardships and the continuing wars that are being waged around the world. Our fans are sure to leave each night reminded of the fact that God is still in control and that all of His promises are guaranteed for those who know Him as King”.

Building 429 will be performing songs off their latest self-titled release including their current and powerful single “Always,” and upcoming single “Overcome” that will release to radio in October.

Preparing for his new studio release in October, Agnew will be playing fan favorites “Grace Like Rain” and “This Fragile Breath”, as well as giving audiences a preview of new songs off his upcoming record NEED releasing Oct. 6. Included in the set list is the first radio single, “Joy Unspeakable” which went for adds July 17.

“We are really excited about getting back on the road this fall,” states Todd Agnew. “We look forward to sharing some songs from the new record and are really glad to be back with some dear friends, Building 429.  We’re also happy to have Kimber Rising back with us after touring together last Christmas.  It should be a great tour and we are excited to see what God will do this fall!”

Log on to to see if the tour is coming to a city near you.
World Vision
World Vision is a Christian humanitarian organization dedicated to working with children, families and their communities worldwide to reach their full potential by tackling the causes of poverty and injustice. World Vision provides hope and assistance to approximately 100 million people in nearly 100 countries. In communities around the world, we join with local people to find lasting ways to improve the lives of poor children and families. In 2007, 86 percent of World Vision’s total revenue was designated for programs that benefit children, families, and communities in need.
Building 429
Building 429 has had a history of success with the release of three albums and now the rock band has joined forces with INO Records for their fourth studio record which became available in stores last fall. In 2005 “Glory Defined” was named BMI’s Christian Song of the Year, they were named the Gospel Music Association’s 2005 New Artist of the Year and nominated that same year for Rock/Contemporary Album of the Year and Song of the Year.  They have toured with artists such as TobyMac, Family Force 5, Casting Crowns and Thousand Foot Krutch. Jason, Michael and Jesse are excited for their fans to hear a record that reflects where they are as individuals and artists.
Todd Agnew

Todd Agnew is a five-time Dove Award nominee, garnering numerous top ranked radio singles including two No. 1 hits, “Grace Like Rain” and “This Fragile Breath (The Thunder Song).”  Agnew continues to perform over 150 dates per year and has currently sold over 500,000 units. His most recent release Better Questions entered Billboard’s Christian Retail Chart at No. 1. Inspired by our need for grace and for God, Agnew is prepping to release his newest album NEED on Oct. 6.

TOUR SCHEDULE: (dates subject to change)

9/17/09 – St. Charles, MO – Church of The Shepherd
9/18/09 – TBA
9/19/09 – Elmhurst, IL – Elmhurst Christian Reformed Church
9/20/09 – Mequon, WI – Crossroads Church
9/21/09 – N. Mankato, MN – Crossview Covenant Church
9/24/09 – Cleveland, GA – Truett McConnell College
9/25/09 – Columbus, GA – Calvary Baptist Church
9/26/09 – Myrtle Beach, SC – Ground Zero
9/27/09 – Spindale, NC – The Foundation
10/1/09 – Graceville, FL – The Baptist College of Florida
10/2/09 – Brandon, FL – St. Andrews UMC
10/3/09 – TBA
10/4/09 – Orlando, FL – The Plaza Theatre
10/8/09 – Raleigh, NC – Hope Community Church
10/9/09 – Cedarville, OH – Cedarville University – Dixon Ministry Center
10/10/09 – Bidwell, OH – Fellowship of Faith Church
10/11/09 – S. Portsmouth, KY – South Portsmouth Church of God
10/15/09 – Alexandria, KY – Main Street Baptist Church
10/16/09 – Mechanicsburg, PA – West Shore Evangelical Free Church
10/17/09 – Wilmington, NC – Myrtle Grove Baptist Church
10/18/09 – Anderson, SC – Concord Baptist Church
10/22/09 – Chillicothe, MO – Cornerstone Church
10/23/09 – Aurora, CO – Southeast Christian Center
10/24/09 – Cheyenne, WY – Destiny Church
10/25/09 – Layton, UT – Calvary Chapel Church
10/26/09 – Missoula, MT – South Hills Evangelical Church
10/27/09 – Kalispell, MT – Christian Center Church
10/29/09 – Spokane, WA – Faith Bible Church
10/30/09 – Kennewick, WA – Calvary Chapel Tri-Cities
10/31/09 – Twin Falls, ID – Lighthouse Christian Fellowship
11/1/09 – Bend, OR – Christian Life Center
11/3/09 – Redding, CA – Little Country Church
11/5/09 – Manteca, CA – Christian Worship Center
11/6/09 – Rocklin, CA – Sunset Christian Center
11/7/09 – Las Vegas, NV – Calvary Chapel Spring Valley
11/8/09 – Highland, CA – Immanuel Baptist Church
11/9/09 – Murrieta, CA – Calvary Chapel Murrieta
11/10/09 – Gilbert, AZ – Sun Valley Community Church
11/11/09 – Sierra Vista, AZ – Buena High School
11/12/09 – Lubbock, TX – First United Methodist Church
11/13/09 – Broken Arrow, OK – Cedar Ridge Christian Church
11/14/09 – Chandler, TX – Faith Baptist Church
11/20/09 – Roach, MO – Missouri State Youth Conference (private event)
11/21/09 – Cordova, TN – Hope Church
11/22/09 – Milan, TN – Chapel Hill Baptist Church