JTIndie Interview

It is just a fact, some days are just better than others. Today was one of the better days. Today I get to Sit down and Virtually Interview one of my favorite Artists. A while back I was lucky enough to make some connections at ardent records and they were nice enough to send me several CD’s two of which were Todd Agnew, “Grace like Rain” and “Better Questions”. At that time I had a passing knowledge of Todd’s work, after all, who hasn’t sung “Grace Like Rain” or “My Jesus” So when I got the chance to Interview Todd Agnew I was more than happy to do it. So I’ll Quit Stalling and get right to the Interview

[JT] – How would you describe your sound?
[TA] – I think it’s kind of a compilation. It’s usually hard to describe. I guess maybe a songwriter willing to try all genres, but still try to say something.

[JT] – Who are some of your musical influences?
[TA] – A little bit of everything. Definitely CCM and Christian Rock guys: Rich Mullins and Charlie Peacock being the foremost of those. Oh and definitely Michael W. Smith, growing up. Outside of that, songwriters, like David Wilcox. The old blues guys, Stevie Ray, Lightning Hopkins, Albert King, and the newer guys like Doyle Bramhall II. And then definitely some gospel, old r&b, older country, and of course, rock. I mean, don’t all of us wish we could be in Journey anyway.

[JT] – can you tell me a little about your (individual) musical upbringing?
[TA] – I wasn’t a normal kid cutting my teeth on pop radio. My earliest memories are of listening to classical music in the house and hanging out with my dad in the garage listening to NPR. So I grew up on all different kinds of music. Blues, folk, jazz. A little of everything.

[JT] – Could you tell me about your spiritual Upbringing?
[TA] – I’m one of those fortunate kids who grew up in a strong Christian home. I learned about God and the truths of the Bible at a very young age. That really laid a foundation for all that was to come.

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