Restaurant Review: George’s

To all of you who are new, you may not know that we do restaurant reviews. But we do. Because I like food. Now there haven’t been any for quite a while because honestly I haven’t been that impressed. But did we eat somewhere great this week. We were playing a show in Tuscumbia, AL, not the center of any known universe, but important to me because it is near Muscle Shoals, AL, birthplace of W.C. Handy and great music town. So our new friends in town took us to George’s which is a local steakhouse. I must confess I’m not the biggest steak fan. I usually choose something else, my personal fave usually being the pork tenderloin. But I do enjoy a good steak once in a while, and I always enjoy a great steak, but those are few and far between. So I was quite surprised to find a home of the great steak right there in the little town of Tuscumbia. I ordered the steak and chicken, thinking I could try a little filet of their specialty while getting something I liked more as well. Well, it turned out that the chicken was good, but the steak was amazing! I don’t even like using exclamation points, but you just have to. The steak was that good. Salad, fine. Veggies, fine. Chicken, fine. But the steak was incredible. Even the appetizer rare beef that you dip in the wasabi was awesome. I know you’re probably not going to jump in your car and drive across the country for a steak. And I wouldn’t advise you to. But if you’re already going through there and you have time, run over to George’s. You won’t be disappointed. Unless you’re a vegetarian. And then it’s not my fault.