Restaurant Review – Garduno’s (ABQ)

Garduno’s – Albuquerque, NM

I haven’t done a restaurant review in a while, and I can’t find the name of the Amish doughnut place in Ohio, so instead we’ll talk about the Mexican place Wilson and I ate at last week. It was actually Wilson’s second trip today. He ate there for lunch as well. For lunch he had the Hot Tamales de Colores. Three different tamales with three different sauces. For dinner he had a chipotle steak. Both got high scores. I loved the salsa. That’s pretty much how I judge a Mexican restaurant. If they can make salsa, they can usually make everything else. At a Chinese place, I judge it by the Egg Drop Soup. Same thing, if they can make that, they usually know what they’re doing. Anyway, Garduno’s has great salsa. I followed that up with an old favorite, Green Chile Stew. It was thicker, more like regular stew. But it was tasty. And then I followed up with the Cilantro & Pinon Tilapia. With a jalapeno mango salsa. Very good. I think my favorite part of the meal though was the calabacitas. Excellent. And these are just the things we tried. It took us 15 minutes to order because we couldn’t choose what we wanted. There is so much on the menu that sounds awesome. But we chose these and then finished with what all Mexican meals should end with: sopapillas. Great meal. Highly recommended to anyone visiting Albuquerque. I can’t recommend going to Guitar Boy guitar store. I walked three miles to get there and it doesn’t exist anymore. So in lieu of going there, I’d advise you to go to Garduno’s instead.