Recording #6, Ardent Sessions, Day Three

We’re about to start another day of work. Really looking forward to what’s going to happen today. Yesterday we finished “Don’t You Think”, which i told you about yesterday morning. We also finished a song called “Someone You Love”, formerly known as “Faith Vs. Works”. Well, it was formerly known to me as that. You’ve never heard of it either way. It came out of trying to figure out how to explain the idea of faith versus works found in Galatians 2 to a bunch of students at my church. I decided that instead of explaining it theologically, which they had probably heard before, i would try to explain it relationally. If i lied to my wife, i could buy flowers, chocolates, take her out to dinner, do all the housework, tell her she’s beautiful, even tell her the truth a whole lot, but it doesn’t erase the lie. Works are an attempt to balance the scales, but they can never erase a mistake. The only thing that erases the mistake is forgiveness. So the song is kind of about that.

I’d like to introduce you to the guys playing on this record so far. Denton is playing drums. He’s normally in a band called Green River Ordinance. You should check them out. Great stuff. Apparently one of Taylor Swift’s favorite songs is their tune “On My Own”. They don’t sound anything like Taylor Swift and you don’t have to like her music, but she is a great writer and probably has pretty good taste in music. Sadler is playing guitar this week. He is in a band called Leslie. Young guys playing great classic rock. Love the guitar tones on their stuff. Which of course is why he’s here. And doing a great job I might add.

Today i think we’re going to start with a song about loving your neighbor and loving your enemy. I wrote it in the van on the way here. So i hope it goes well. I really appreciate all the work these guys are putting in and we definitely appreciate your prayers.