Easter Musings

When I was growing up, Carman recorded a live album with one of my favorite groups (Commissioned), and the Christ Church Choir. On it was a song called Sunday’s On The Way. In a way only Carman can do, it painted a picture of Easter weekend. It described Calvary as Satan’s plan to kill Jesus, Satan worrying whether or not it had worked, the devil’s rejoicing at their victory, and then Jesus’ triumphant return on Easter. So this Easter got me to thinking…

Did the devil understand the impact of the crucifixion? Was he hoping Jesus was dead and would stay that way? Did he consider it a victory? Or did he know that in that moment he was defeated? Was the resurrection a surprise to him?

Anyway, I know we can’t really know the answers to these questions, but I would love to hear your ideas.



Do You See What I See, Good Saturday Edition

When I was a kid, I dreamed that one day crowds would chant my name.  I would be returning home a hero.

When I was an adult, I feared that one day crowds would chant my name.  I was no longer an innocent dreamer.  I was a criminal.

But I never dreamed that one day crowds would chant my name, not asking for my punishment but for my freedom.  And yet that is exactly what happened.

A young teacher had so angered this mob that they chanted for me to be freed and for him to be crucified.  I’ve heard of him.  There are many stories about this Jesus.  Some say he’s a prophet.  Some even say he’s the Messiah.  But I don’t really know much at all about him.

And yet, He died in my place.  That was my cross to carry and yet here I am, free.

I have a choice to make.  I can discover the truth of who he was, realizing that this could change everything forever.  Or I can ignore it, going right back to the life I’ve always lived.  The second one is definitely easier.  But the first…

The first…

Do You See What I See, The Blog, Easter Edition Preview

Okay, so here’s what we’re going to do. Friday I’m going to post a Do You See What I See, Easter Edition blog. It will be similar to the DYSWIS Christmas project, but this time I will explore what Good Friday or Saturday or Easter might have been like for one of the people who were a part of it. Your job, should you choose to accept it, is to write a piece from another person’s point of view. What would Good Friday have been like for… Mary? John? Pilate? The repentant thief? When you are done, you can post your writing as a comment along with mine. Hopefully we will all be encouraged first as we dig into the crucifixion and resurrection, and secondly as we share in each other’s stories. I hope you will write. Post any time over the weekend. I’ve got two stirring in my mind already. Which one will I post? I don’t even know yet. I can’t wait to hear what God shows you as He brings that weekend to life in your heart.


Celebrate Good Times Come On

As we prepared our hearts to worship on Easter Sunday, one of the pastors at my church made the statement, “The only day our celebration should exceed Easter is when Jesus comes back.” That really opened some doors in my heart. I had never viewed Easter as a raucous celebration, whether because I was raised to dress up on Easter, or because it’s usually a serious time. But I loved that idea. We are not just honoring Jesus. Not just saying thanks. We are celebrating the greatest event in human history, only to possibly be eclipsed by the return of Christ. Amazing!

So how are you celebrating?