PRT Update #4

Sorry I’ve been off schedule with posting. Tour is busy and I’ve had two kids home sick with the flu. Hard to get stuff done sometimes. Anyway, we did have a busy weekend last week. We started in Alexandria, KY, right outside of Cincinnati. An old friend of mine, Phillip Brunner, is the worship pastor there, so it was a good day seeing his life and ministry and then getting to worship with his church that night. We moved on to Mechanicsburg, PA, and I can admit that I was shocked to find a huge beautiful church out in the middle of southern PA. They were wonderful people and it was a good night. We hoofed it all the way to NC for the Saturday show. We were in Wilmington, B429’s hometown. It was the first time they had done a big outdoor festival like this but they did a great job. We were joined for the day by High Flight Society and a few other bands. It started to get a little chilly by the end. Our guitars were going out of tune. I was glad I had offered to let Building play last! Then we finished the weekend in Anderson, SC. Another great night, almost sold out. I spent the day trying to figure out how to get over to see Donald Miller who was half an hour away in Greenville. But it was not to be. We did have a wonderful night with the people there though.

Now we’ve had a couple of days off and are headed out on the three and a half week west coast run. We start in Chillicothe, MO, which I realize is not on the west coast. But it is on the way. Please be praying for our families and our bodies as we are on this huge run. Thanks.

Hope to see you out there.