Recording #6, Ardent Sessions, Day Sixteen

Day 15 was yesterday but I didn’t blog. It’s been an eventful week. On the home front, we had Valentine’s Day, our anniversary, and a trip to see my family in Pennsylvania. My sister has opened a new cupcake store, Pink Champagne Cupcakerie, to much success and critical acclaim. Well, there’s not much criticism in the world of cupcakes. It was awesome to see their new venture, and of course, to try all the cupcakes. You should stop by if you’re in NW PA.

On the work front, Ellie Holcomb sang on the record last week. She is part of Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors. She did an incredible job on my songs, and she sang wonderfully on their new record, Chasing Someday, which I highly recommend. Go check it out on iTunes. You can go right now. This blog will till be here when you get back.

Today we’re mixing. By ‘we’, I mean, Scott is mixing and I’m sitting on the couch. Every once I a while, i make a suggestion, and then they tell me why we don’t really need to do that. But it’s going well. We’re finishing a song called Letting Go. I’ll write a ‘Story Behind the Song’ blog about that one soon.