Following The Fail With Another Draft

All right, it’s another fun meaningless blog. I’m sorry that yesterday was such a tragedy. Apparently there isn’t enough NFL interest among our twitter community. So today what we’re going to do is…

We’re going to have an CCM Mock Draft today. I’m going to start it on Twitter. My Twitter is @AgnewsDei. The hashtag will be #agnewCCMmock. If you want to participate, you have to be quick. I’ll start with the first pick from the St. Louis Rams. Then, whoever wants to pick next, jump in. Your twitter post should look something like this…

“#agnewCCMmock #2 Detroit Lions choose Aaron Ivey, worship leader, Aaron Ivey worship extravaganza”

Anyway, whoever posts first will be the official pick. If you have leftover characters and want to give a reason, great. You can abbreviate anything as long as we get the general idea. If you’re the first post/official pick and you want to come here on the blog and give your thoughts as to why you chose Aaron, that’s cool. You only get to pick once, so choose wisely. Unless we bog down somewhere, and then I might ask you to pick for another team too. I, of course, can pick for as many teams as I want, because it’s my game. I will probably just pick for the Rams to get us started, then the Cowboys.

We’ll keep the football team names. I know that’s dumb, but we have to have some kind of order. Now, you can pick anyone: a singer, guitar player, producer, songwriter. Whoever you want to draft is up for your choosing. I must admit I’m torn between just putting together your favorite group and putting together a football team of CCM people. So do whichever one you want. Your post could look like this:

“#agnewCCMmock #5 Kansas City Chiefs choose Mark Hall, singer, Casting Crowns, because he’s my favorite. He wrote all of my favorite songs. Even the ones I don’t know yet.”

Or it could look like this:

“#agnewCCMmock #5 Kansas City Chiefs choose Lester Estelle II, drummer, formerly with Pillar, because he is so fierce on the kit, he’s going to be a great linebacker.”

We’ll keep a running tally of the official picks here on the blog, but we can only update it every so often. So the official tally will be on Twitter. If you want to participate, you need to search #agnewCCMmock. That should tell you who has been chosen so far, and will tell you what the next open team is, if you want to jump in. This may be a train wreck. I kind of hope it is.

The draft order is:

1. St. Louis Rams
2. Detroit Lions
3. Tampa Bay Bucs
4. Washington Redskins
5. Kansas City Cheifs
6. Seattle Seahawks
7. Cleveland Browns
8. Oakland Raiders
9. Buffalo Bills
10. Jacksonville Jaguars
11. Denver Broncos
12. Miami Dolphins
13. San Francisco 49ers
14. Seattle Seahawks
15. New York Giants
16. Tennessee Titans
17. San Francisco 49ers
18. PIttsburgh Steelers
19. Atlanta Falcons
20. Houston Texans
21. Cincinnati Bengals
22. New England Patriots
23. Green Bay Packers
24. Philadelphia Eagles
25. Baltimore Ravens
26. Arizona Cardinals
27. Dallas Cowboys
28. San Diego Chargers
29. New York Jets
30. Minnesota Vikings
31. Indianapolis Colts
32. New Orleans Saints

Oh, and you can’t choose Jesus. That’s not fair. And you can’t choose me (who is nothing like Jesus) because it’s my game. And that would just be weird.

We’ll see about Round Two, if this really takes off. But for now, get your twitter account ready, and read your Dove Award Results. Because here we go. The first pick will be made as soon as I see this has posted. Take luck.