Horrible Blogger

Okay, the secret is out. I’m a horrible blogger. Well I might be passingly fair when I do blog, but I don’t do it much. I can’t see why what I’m thinking is worth your time. Admittedly I’ve had the same problem in most of my relationships. They call it a failure to communicate. I don’t think of it as a failure as much as a ‘never tried’. I’m learning to do it better in my marriage, so maybe I can apply those lessons here as well.

The main thing I’m missing is having any idea as to what you would want to read about, and more importantly what topics you would want to be part of the conversation. We don’t know when the record is going to come out. So the blogs about songs will come closer to that date. I’m sure some of what I teach this summer will find its way here. But since I’m going to be gone at camp much of the summer, I thought I would go ahead and ask you what you would like to read about. What would you like to have conversations about? What topics are worth covering?

Looking forward to hearing from you.

And I apologize to everyone who checked my website all month and only got two blogs. It won’t happen again. (Until it does.)



Blog Delay

Well, I’ve put off blogging because I was trying to finish this one particular blog. But I haven’t. And I shouldn’t put you off any longer. So instead I’ll just tell you about the last two great weekends I’ve had.

First, I went to Wyoming. Casper, specifically. I taught in a songwriting workshop and played a solo acoustic show. It was really wonderful. We spent all day talking about Christ and how to celebrate Him in music. The people were very kind and willing to follow along whether or not I actually knew what I was talking about. We ended up talking a lot about purpose. That why you’re writing determines a lot of what you’re writing. And come to think of it, that’s probably true a lot in life as well. Then the day finished off with a solo acoustic show. We had a great intimate atmosphere. Since there had been quite a bit of difficulty getting there, we had to skip one section of the workshop, the Q&A. So instead I put it in the middle of the concert. It actually turned into a really special time. And I had the chance to talk about the Christmas record in the middle of August. The merch table sold out of the Christmas record that night. Unfortunately I had only brought 3.

My family spend a few days the next week with the cell phones off, vacationing. Nothing completes a vacation like the Lazy River. Unfortunately, we had one family member with a stomach bug. Still a good trip though.

Then this past weekend I was in Mississippi. We had a DNow with a bunch of students. It was a great time. We played volleyball for maybe an hour and a half before the first service. So I showed up all sweaty. Very impressive and professional. The worship band was the Joy Whitlock Worship Extravaganza. Okay, that’s not really their name, but I think it has a nice ring to it. They did a great job. Joy says she’s not a worship leader, but I think there is some real potential there. She’s real, and she loves Jesus. Two very important parts. I fell in love with one of the songs they did, None But Jesus. I thought maybe she wrote it, but it turns out it’s a Hillsong United tune. Off an album I already own. Oops. Anyway, it’s a great song. I was the speaker for the weekend: one message Friday, two Saturday, and one Sunday at church. It was a great weekend.

Thanks to everyone who was a part. I’d love to hear what God did in your life during our time together and since.