Recording #6, Ardent Sessions, Day Thirteen

Well, good morning. I just woke up here at Ardent on one of our comfy couches. I spent the night here, because Memphis got a lot of snow yesterday. I know Memphis drivers and felt it was probably safer to stay here. So I sent everyone home, had a burger from the Blue Monkey, talked with my family, worked till 10, watched an episode of Fringe, and went to sleep. It’s kind of weird to go to bed where you’ve worked all day, and then to work all day where you slept last night. But it’s an experience to add to the list.

So yesterday, we knocked out two more vocals, There Is Coming A Day and Someone You Love. Both have high G’s in them somewhere. Not fun. But we got it done. Scott comped and did some more editing. I knocked out some keyboard stuff after everyone went home. So today we still have to sing a couple of songs. And we have to record the one song that doesn’t have drums. It’s called House of Boxes. So hopefully everyone is safe and will come into work in a while. Thanks for your prayers.


Recording #6, Ardent Sessions, Day Nine

Well, yesterday was tough. Just tough at home. Studio stuff went well. I’m really starting to feel like someone doesn’t want this record to come out. That’s really encouraging. But it’s still hard. My wife is doing an amazing job taking care of things at home. We have frozen pipes, sick kids. All kinds of stuff. So please be praying for our home.

Yesterday, I played some keyboards. Sadler finished up most of the electric guitar work. So I guess today we’ll clean up a few things, and start singing. Then I’ll head home tonight. Tomorrow we’ll be worshipping with a bunch of men in Houston. That’s going to be awesome. And then I’ll get to be at my church Sunday before coming back to the studio next week.

Recording #6, Ardent Sessions, Day Eight

Well, yesterday was another good day. At least here in the studio. I finished the last of my acoustic tracks. Well, come to think of it, there is one other song that doesn’t have drums. So I still need to do that one. It’s called House of Boxes, so that will probably be on the list of what to do today. Sadler finished up another song, Letting Go. It sounds killer. So today will be more guitars and probably the first vocals. So again you can be praying for all of us: Paul, Scott, Sadler, and me.

You can also continue to pray for my family and home. We still have one sick kid. She’s been sick a lot this year. And she’s having a hard time getting well right now. If that wasn’t enough, some pipes froze at our house last night. Not the regular ones. We take care of those. It was the pipes to the washing machine in the utility room. So please pray for my wife, as she has to deal with all these things on her own with me far away. Thanks.


Recording #6, Ardent Sessions, Day Seven

Well, yesterday went well. Kids are doing better. Wife is better as well, and most importantly they all got a good night of sleep last night. That always helps. At least in my family.

Here at work, I knocked out three songs on acoustic. Sadler finished one on electric. But it’s a good one. And I finished two of my hardest songs, so that’s good to have under my belt.

It’s really been neat to watch all this come together. For the first time in my career, Paul is really approaching me not as a musician, but as a communicator of truth. And in that line, our purpose is to communicate well and to communicate to as many as God allows. So we are having conversations over melody, over arrangement, over tone, that all ask how can we best communicate this to people. I’m really enjoying it. It’s definitely challenging me.

So today, still please pray for my family. Recuperating is always tough. Heading back into your schedule when you’re still not 100% is hard. And also be praying for us. Paul, Scott, Sadler, and I will all be at work today. We’ll probably be doing electric guitars on You Are Good and Love is a Lot About You. And we’ll probably get to work on Letting Go today as well, for all those of you in Recovery and those of you that should be.

Well, it’s time to eat my oatmeal and head to work.


Recording #6, Ardent Sessions, Day Six

Well, the guys might have worked this weekend but I’ve been at home. I’m about to take off for the airport now. It’s 4:15AM. Yes, AM. Ridiculous. But it means I get to work a whole week and be home with my family. Today will be a hard one. Both kids are sick, one throwing up, one with a high fever. Please be praying for them, and for my wife who also has to work today. I’m very grateful this morning for a mother-in-law who was willing to drive down last night to be with the kids today.

However, when I do get to work today, I believe we’ll be doing guitars and vocals. So you can pray for Sadler and I. And of course, Paul and Scott who are running the show. And Denton, the drummer, is heading home today so you can pray for his safe travel as well.

I’ve got to head to the airport and to the studio.


Recording #6, Ardent Sessions, Day Two

Well, we’re off to a good start. Got some good work done yesterday. Today we’re starting with “Don’t You Think”, a song I wrote with Andrew Osenga. He’s really an amazing writer. I’ve just been floored recently by his songs “Arms of Love” and “Too Far To Walk”. Check them out when you have time. Today we have the same crew: Paul, Scott, Denton, and Sadler. Please keep us in your prayers.


Recording #6, Ardent Sessions, Day One

Its a little weird doing a record in two pieces. But here we are. We are back in Memphis at ardent, starting the main part of the record. Its really exciting. Paul Ebersold is producing. Scott is engineering. Denton is playing drums. Sadler is playing guitar. One song down already. Its called Letting Go. It has the lyrics from “I Surrender All” in the verses. It turned out really great. I wasn’t sure how good it was. But Paul really believed in it. And it turned out great. An awesome start to this project. Please be praying for us. Thanks. Looking forward to sharing it with you.