Improbable Philanthropy

I met Al Andrews at Porter’s Call, a ministry where he counsels Christian musicians… for free. Not exactly a plan for wealth and prosperity. Recently he has had a dream of being a philanthropist. For those who don’t know, a philanthropist is someone with a lot of money who gives money to good causes and to people in need. The problem he encountered is that a prerequisite to being a philanthropist is being rich. And he’s not. So he came up with a simple plan. 1) Do something that makes a lot of money. 2) Give that money away.

Simple, right? Of course, as you well know, it’s not that easy. But he still moved forward. Now he has just released his first children’s book, The Boy, The Kite, and the Wind. And he has already chosen some non-profits to give this money too.

I think it’s an amazing idea. So many of us would like to do something awesome but don’t see how it could be possible. Well, Al has given us a crazy idea. You can read more about it at .

I hope you will order one of his books. If you don’t have a child around to read to, you can give it away, get one for your library, or maybe find a child to invest in. And even more importantly I hope this will spark a discussion, maybe below in the comment section, maybe on Al’s site, maybe in your homes and families, about what crazy things God may be calling you to do. I look forward to hearing about them.

You can order The Boy, The Kite, & The Wind here.