Songs From Camp – Estes Park

Hey guys, here are the songs from camp as promised. So, the yellow script to the side of each song is a link to buy the song on iTunes. I don’t know why it’s yellow. And I can’t figure out how to change it right now.

If you’d like to comment below, I’d love to hear about what God did in your life this week.


Come Behold The Wondrous Mystery       Matt Boswell, Matt Papa, Michael Bleecker        iTunes

Song of Moses          Unhindered, Aaron Keyes          iTunes

Look and See             Village Church                              iTunes

How Great The Love            Village Church Denton         iTunes

Lord I Need You           Matt Maher                                iTunes

10,000 Reasons          Matt Redman                             iTunes

Here For You                Matt Redman                             iTunes

One Thing Remains             Bethel Church                 iTunes

How He Loves             John Mark McMillan             iTunes

Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)          Chris Tomlin              iTunes

Jesus Paid It All            Kristian Stanfill                     iTunes

In Christ Alone             Stuart Townend                     iTunes

Cornerstone                   Hillsong                                  iTunes

The Stand                       Hillsong United                    iTunes


Stupid Ladders, Stupid Me

So a few weeks ago, I fell off a ladder. Yep, just fell off of it. Feet were 7 feet in the air and then I was on the ground. It hurt. My knee still hurts. But the point of the story is not for you to feel sorry for me. The point is this…

A man came over to help me. He was at the park with his family and I guess he saw me fall. We had quite a conversation, some of which was quite humorous, but I’ll skip that. The important part was that one of the last things he said to me was, “You should thank whatever God you believe in that you were not hurt worse.”

I look back at that day and that sentence is what haunts me. He mentioned God and quite probably did not believe in Jesus. I had an opportunity to share with him, but I was so consumed with my own pain, with my own life that I didn’t even notice the opening. I wonder how often that happens in the rest of my life. How many times has someone left me an opening to tell them about Jesus, but I am so consumed with what is going on in my life that I completely miss it?

About 6 months ago, I ran out of gas on the highway. (Yes, I know I’m an idiot. Go ahead and laugh.) At the exit I had just passed was a large church, but there was no gas station. So I started walking on to the next exit, which it turned out was about 3 miles. During my walk, church got out. Hundreds and hundreds of people walked out to the parking lot, got into their cars, drove out onto the highway, and passed the stupid man walking 3 miles to the gas station. Most probably never even noticed I was there. And they had just left church! I hope the sermon wasn’t on taking care of the needy. But I’m not upset with them, instead I felt a complete understanding of them. They were just like me after falling from the ladder. They were so consumed with their own lives that they never noticed the opening right in front of them.

So my prayer for me and for you is that God makes our hearts sensitive to those in need, and helps us to notice when we have an opportunity to talk about him. So for the next few posts, I’m going to talk about evangelism. I know you’re thrilled. It’s an uncomfortable subject, but I learned some things this year that I’d like to share.

Thanks for reading.

And discuss.


Unexpected Help

We just moved, as many of you know. We left our old house clean and did the repairs the buyers asked for. We even left them a few bonus things, mostly things we didn’t want. We arrived at our new house to find a sheet of paper on the kitchen counter where the seller had written out everything she could think of to help us start our new life in this home. She made it as simple as possible to grasp all the details of a new place.

We came straight to our new house from camp. At camp, we had talked about how prayer, worship, and evangelism are all lifestyles, not just skills. As I saw that sheet of paper, I thought about the potential there. In sharing details of a home with someone, you could let them know where you went to church in this town. If they need help with something, you could give them the number of a Christian friend in your neighborhood. Obviously, they don’t have to take advantage of any of that, but just giving them the option opens the door to all kinds of possibilities.

Of course, hopefully you will only move a few times in your life. Can you think of any other ways that you could reach out to people in a non-threatening way? How could we connect people to other Christians and to church while actually helping them?



Wife Runs For Justice

My wife is raising money for International Justice Mission.  IJM is a great organization helping victims of abuse and oppression all over the world.  You can learn more about them on their website.  Right now they are doing a fundraising campaign called Just Run, where runners get sponsors and all the money goes to help IJM in their work around the world.  She has just started and almost has 10% of her goal, but I know we can raise much more than that.  I just wanted to let you guys know so you can either give, or at least learn about IJM and pray for this fundraising.  You can help and learn more at this site. Thanks for your help.


We’re Back!!!

Hey, the website’s up and running again. I’m so sorry for all the time that you couldn’t get on, and instead had to read your Bible, hang out with your family, talk to real people, and eat good food. Seriously, I am sorry that the site has been down (in case you missed the news, it was hacked and had to be rebuilt from scratch.) So you missed a fairly strenuous time in our lives. We packed up and moved from Austin to Dallas. I preached two camps and led worship for one. I led for the last time at our church, Austin Stone Community Church. My wife got a great promotion, which instigated this process, but God made His opinion loud and clear for us and we are very grateful. I’m starting seminary in the fall at DTS (Dallas Theological Seminary). I’ll still be on the road a couple of weekends a month (same as last year) so hopefully I’ll get to see you somewhere this year. So we’re busy unpacking and getting settled here in the Metroplex. Definitely miss Austin but really excited about what God is going to do with us here.

So there’s the quick update from my end. Why don’t you leave a comment below and give us your summer update. New blogs coming soon. Thanks.


Circle of Artists tour

Hey everyone, we’re about to launch on the last run of the Circle of Artists tour.  I know we didn’t make it to a lot of you, but it’s a really neat tour, and I hope to see some of you this week.  33 Miles, Phil Joel, and Finding Favour are with me all week.  They are wonderful guys with great music.  Here’s where we will be this week:

Wed 4/3  Milan, TN  – Chapel Hill Baptist Church  6:30pm  FREE SHOW

Thurs 4/4  Laurens, SC  – Scarlet Chord  7pm

Fri 4/5  Severn, MD  –  Grace Pointe Community Church of the Nazarene  7pm

Sat 4/6  Oswego, NY  –  New Covenant Community Church

Sun 4/7  Shinnston, WV  –  Jewel City Church 6pm  FREE SHOW


I really hope you are able to make it out.  It is a fun night and a sweet time of worship.  See you soon.


Do You See What I See: Easter

Peter believed his mistake excluded him from being a part of what God was doing at Calvary.

John struggled to understand the truth he had been taught in light of the pain and suffering he saw.

Mary finally understood what Simeon meant when he said “A sword will pierce your heart as well”.

Mary Magdalene had been loved in spite of her mistakes and followed the One who loved her, even to the cross.

The centurion stood right next to Him but couldn’t recognize the Savior until he watched Him die.

The thief saw the possibility of hope in the midst of his shame, even in the midst of death.

We see the cross, knowing the resurrection.  And yet many of us believe our mistakes define us, struggle to correlate truth and suffering, fail to see God next to us.  But Jesus died.  And then rose again.  So that we might not merely know Him as a good man, but as a Savior.  That we might be loved in spite of all we have done.  That we might find the hope of glory, even in the midst of our death.

Bless the Resurrected.


Last night, this morning

Last night, we taught our Worship Leader Development class.  The topic was monitor mixes.  We were just helping young worship leaders know how to build a good monitor mix with in-ears or floor monitors, how to professionally run a sound check, and how to treat your sound engineer.  I was surprised that with all the tips I offered about small details, my main point was this: You need to build a monitor mix that will help you to do the best job of leading worship.  The main point wasn’t in the details.  The details were ways to accomplish the main point.  And the main point was that mixes are different for everyone; you need to find what works for you.  Your job isn’t to hear everything; your job is to lead worship.  What will help you do that?

This morning, I was still thinking about that and realized it applied more to the Christian life than to monitor mixes.  We often try to obey God in the midst of the chaos of our lives.  Rather than building a life that will help us do the best job of obeying God.  We try to be strong enough in a hard situation, rather than changing the situation.  Admittedly, you can’t always do that.  But many times you can.  We find ourselves in the midst of our structured, full lives trying to make Jesus our number one priority, rather than stopping, taking apart our lives, and rebuilding them, structured around Christ and His priority.

What can you do in your life today to help yourself be obedient?  What can you take apart and rebuild?  What can you take out completely?  What pieces of a life help you be more like Christ?  I am going to be asking myself these questions today, too.  I hope you will respond with some of your ideas.  Looking forward to hearing from you.



March Madness 2013

If you’re a college basketball fan, come join my bracket group! #CBSbrackets The group password is: H2BL. Click here to join.

If you aren’t a fan, that’s fine. You can play too. One of my friends used to make his picks by deciding the strength of the mascots. He only ran into a problem when UCLA played Belmont.

The prize this year is pride.  Because the other years we had prizes that I don’t think were ever sent out.  So the prize those years was pride also.  And this year my birthday is already passed, so there won’t be any surprise birthday trips that didn’t allow me to finish filling out my bracket before the tournament started.  So be ready.

Looking forward to seeing your picks.


I Never: Spring Tour 2013 with 33 Miles, Phil Joel, & Finding Favour

I never thought I’d open a show with a medley of old gospel songs mixed with a Mumford & Sons song.

I never thought I’d be singing Entertaining Angels onstage with the guy who really sings it on the radio (Phil Joel).

I never thought I’d be doing a big tour with a bus and trailer, with lights and sound equipment where all that stuff was owned by the youngest band.

I never thought I’d have tourmates where the international (New Zealand) is easier to understand than the nationals (Georgia).

I never thought I’d do a whole tour run (5 shows) all across Texas and never be within 200 miles of my house.

I never thought I would enjoy passing out child packets during the Food for the Hungry appeal.

I never thought my favorite song of the night would be one that hasn’t even been recorded yet (Greener – Phil Joel).

I never thought we’d do a tour where the entire second half of the night is corporate worship.

I never thought I’d do a tour where the singer with the most gray hair is the youngest.

I never thought I’d be halfway through a tour and have everyone on the tour wishing we had more shows together.

I never thought I’d be on a tour where the biggest radio hit was by the youngest band whose record just came out last Tuesday. (Slip On By – Finding Favour)

I never thought I’d be on a tour where the best guitar player was from a group known as a vocal group (Chris Lockwood – 33 Miles).

I never thought I’d do a tour with artists this diverse that blended so well socially, spiritually, and musically.


I know with such a limited schedule that many of you won’t get to see this show.  But if you’re in Tennessee, South Carolina, Maryland, New York, West Virginia, or Pennsylvania, I hope you will join us the first week of April.  See you then.