Pictured w Todd at Ardent Studios is Katie Toebbe, Eric Mackey and Tommu Lozure from Visible Music College

Pictured with me at Ardent Studios is Katie Toebbe, Eric Mackey and Tommu Lozure from Visible Music College

As many of you know, I am a huge fan of the music of Rich Mullins. I recently had the opportunity to participate in a new record by Visible College in Memphis. As a school-wide project, they re-recorded “Liturgy, Legacy, and a Ragamuffin Band,” an amazing record by Rich from 1993. So the artists on the project are students, graduates, and professors from the school, as are the engineers and producers. These are college students looking toward a career serving Christ in the music industry. So when they called and asked if I would sing on a song, I said, “When do we start?” They ended up recording the whole track and I just came in and sang. They treated me like a superstar. I’m used to being in the studio the whole time and costing us hours of studio time because I can’t play my guitar part correctly.

If you’re not familiar with the original record by Rich, you still probably know one song from it: Hold Me Jesus. And this was the song I got to record on the new record. If you hear something else familiar in it, that’s Jonathan Chu on the violin, one of my good friends, formerly part of Todd Agnew and the Electric Frenchmen, currently part of Skillet.

I really enjoyed the new take on some of the songs. Carolina Story put a really authentic spin on Here in America. Their harmonies are great. All of the instrumentals are wonderful. I also enjoyed I’ll Carry On by Matthew Clark featuring another friend of mine, Andrew Osenga. Ken Steorts (the original lead guitarist from Skillet) started Visible College and his band The Beep end the record with Land of My Sojourn.

Click the link below to listen to “Sojourners: A Tribute to Rich Mullins” yourself:



PS: Pictured with me recording at Ardent Studios are Katie Toebbe (3Y), Eric Mackey (2Y), and Tommy Lozure (Dept Chair) from Visible Music College.