Well, it was time. The old white van took us around the country many times. The van brought us to most of the concerts where we met you. It was a 2001 Ford E350 15-passenger van with over 340,000 miles. The air conditioning hasn’t worked in over a year. I’ve had to unlock it from the passenger side for years because someone tried to break into it and broke the lock on the driver’s side. It got about 8 miles a gallon. And I was commuting to school across Dallas. So it was time.

Carmax gave me $500 for it. It was worth more than that. To me, at least. But honestly, they were being generous. So I bought another Ford. It’s 12 years newer. 309,000 fewer miles. And it gets 38 miles a gallon. THIRTY-EIGHT!! I’m sure it will be a great car. But it will never replace the van in our hearts. Oh, except that the sound system is killer!