We just moved, as many of you know. We left our old house clean and did the repairs the buyers asked for. We even left them a few bonus things, mostly things we didn’t want. We arrived at our new house to find a sheet of paper on the kitchen counter where the seller had written out everything she could think of to help us start our new life in this home. She made it as simple as possible to grasp all the details of a new place.

We came straight to our new house from camp. At camp, we had talked about how prayer, worship, and evangelism are all lifestyles, not just skills. As I saw that sheet of paper, I thought about the potential there. In sharing details of a home with someone, you could let them know where you went to church in this town. If they need help with something, you could give them the number of a Christian friend in your neighborhood. Obviously, they don’t have to take advantage of any of that, but just giving them the option opens the door to all kinds of possibilities.

Of course, hopefully you will only move a few times in your life. Can you think of any other ways that you could reach out to people in a non-threatening way? How could we connect people to other Christians and to church while actually helping them?