I just took down our Christmas lights. Yes, I know it’s the end of January. I’ve been busy. At least too busy to work on this. Admittedly it’s hard to carve out time to do a job at the end of which your house looks either exactly the same or a little worse. When all the lights are off the roof and off the trees, then there is no more nightly shimmer in your yard. Do I miss that? Not necessarily. But I don’t have a lot of incentive to make it go away.

I think we face the same thing in our Christian lives, especially in the area of spiritual disciplines. We are working on something that no one will notice tomorrow. Say I spend an hour in silent contemplation today, guess how much people will notice that tomorrow? Right, none. Say I study my Bible for 4 hours, who notices that? No one. Much of our spiritual life is done in the presence of only God and is designed to please only Him. But pleasing Him is quite important.

Not one of our neighbors will notice that our lights are down. But my wife will. Because she has a consistently updating list in her head of all the things she needs to do around the house, and one big item will be removed from it. And you know, that’s enough for me.

And it’s enough for me that God is pleased when I pursue Him in ways no one else will notice.