Well, it was really good to have a weekend off to be home. Unfortunately I also got sick. While I definitely wasn’t 100%, we did make it through the shows this weekend. Friday, I was actually away from the tour doing a show with the reunited Big Tent Revival in Turlock CA. It was a beautiful day in a beautiful part of the country. Big Tent was also on Ardent the generation before I was. So we spent the day trading stories about the studio and our experiences there. It was a really wonderful time. And I really loved getting to hear them play again. I pulled my own little stunt by closing my set with my favorite Big Tent song, The Ballad of Arlis Richards.

The other great thing about Friday night was that it was a fundraiser for Prodigal Sons & Daughters, which is a recovery ministry there in Turlock. They are a wonderful group of people with an exciting ministry. It was really great getting to know them.

Then Saturday I rejoined Jason and the guys in Tulsa. It was a unique show to say the least. It was the closing of a women’s conference. A first for me, but apparently Jason does it all the time. But it wasn’t actually part of the conference. I think. But most of the rest of Tulsa didn’t know about it. So it was a really intimate show. Also, we were in between two wedding receptions both with blaring DJs. So there was a weird background music behind everything we did. But it was still a neat night with some great people. They were very kind, able to focus on what God was doing amid the distractions.

Looking forward to a great weekend in Indiana, Illinois, and Ohio.