Well, we had another great weekend. We might be getting too comfortable with each other, because we’re starting to interrupt each other and take up extra time with jokes. But it makes us laugh and have a good time. Hopefully, it doesn’t cause too much distraction from the show.

Anyway, we started this weekend in Elizabethtown, KY. We played at the State Theater, which was a great venue with some cool folks. I tried out the heaven set again and it went a little better this time. We had a great crowd, including some good friends from both the Gray and Agnew sides of life. I also received one of the more unusual compliments in my life thus far: “Todd, you remind me of Rich Mullins in two ways: in your humility and in your body shape.” Body shape? I must admit that as much as I love Rich, I am not familiar with his body shape. Oh well. I’ll just assume it’s a good thing.

Next we moved to Titusville FL for a couple of shows Friday and Saturday. Titusville is outside of Orlando, near the Space Center, and there are two churches merging, New Venture Church and Rocketown Church. They brought us in as one of their first events as a joint body. And so of course, on night #2, I had to open with what? Right… old Michael W. Smith. It was awesome. But really we had a great two nights there. Ate rock shrimp at Dixie Crossroads due to some advice we received on Twitter. Also awesome. And we saw some wonderful friends from Hutchmoot.

Hopefully, the next wonderful friends we see will be you. We’re taking this weekend off, but then we’re back to it, starting in Tulsa on the 27th. See you there.