Well, we got to go to two of my favorite states for the first weekend of fall tour, Oregon and Texas.  Because they’re so close to each other.

I love Oregon.  It is so beautiful.  It is one of the places that just looking around causes me to worship.  And the people are wonderful too.  Thanks to everyone who came out to the shows in Bend and Philomath.  And it’s always good to be in Texas.  Had to take Jason to Whataburger.  Didn’t have time for mexican food.  And what a great crowd in Weatherford!  Thanks so much for worshipping with us.

Well, it was a typical first week of a tour.  God did what He wanted to, and I tried to remember how to do what I’m supposed to.  Played a different set each night.  It’s a really unique tour.  I play a short set, then Jason plays a short set.  Then we take a break and come back and play all together for a while.  That second set has been great every night so far.  I’m just trying to figure out my first one.  I haven’t played a short set in a long time, and it’s slow to come back to me.

We build the second set by what seems to go well together.  So that means for the first set, I can either just quickly run through the rest of the hits, or I can play stuff from the new record, or I can just see what story can be told well and quickly and risk everyone being upset because I didn’t play their favorite song.  So it’s a bit of a strange conundrum.  But it’s been better each night.  Sorry, Bend.  You were first so you were the guinea pig.  We really should apologize to the first and last show of each tour.  Because the first night, we have no idea what we’re doing.  And the last night of tour is usually prank night, which also affects the quality of the show, just for different reasons.

Anyway, it’s been a lot of fun so far.  Really looking forward to being in Illinois, Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico this weekend. Because they’re close together.  If you’re nearby, come and join us.  If you want to see if we’re coming near you, check out: https://toddagnew.com/tour-dates/.

See you soon.