School starts Monday but today was Meet The Teacher.  It was awesome to see all these elementary kids excited about seeing their friends, finding their classrooms, and meeting their teachers.  Just yesterday my kids were talking about how they weren’t ready to go back to school, but now both can’t wait to start.  They see hope and potential in every kid, every class, every day.

Most adults I know are not like that.  We call ourselves more “realistic”, but I think the better word is probably “cynical”.  We say that kids don’t yet know all the things that can and will go wrong, but I might suggest that we have lost view of all the things that go right.  I think we miss the value of every breath.  We are so wounded by the harsh words of people that we miss the treasure in the kind words we hear.  In fact, we usually blow off compliments and hold on to discouragement.  I do, at least.  We overlook the fact that every time we underline a verse in our Bibles, every time we make a note in the margin, the God of the universe is speaking directly to us, for our good.

I met a girl in Delaware last weekend.  She showed me her 10,000 Charms book.  (If you don’t know, Robbie Seay wrote a new melody for an amazing old hymn Come Ye Sinners, and I recorded it on my first record.)  God had opened the door for this young lady to write down every bit of good that happens to her, realizing that every moment of happiness, every laugh, every insight, every time something doesn’t go wrong, is a gift from God.  So she was writing them down.  She was in the 2500’s.  I was amazed to see a few of the things I had said that night written down by their own number.  Each good thing was a gift, recorded.

I hope to develop eyes that see that much good.  That recognize God’s hand in every moment.  And maybe to write them down, so I can better be grateful for them.