This week at camp, I was talking to Chris, a representative for Compassion International who is from Kenya.  We had a large response from the students the night before, and he was saying how impressed he was that the students would respond when they had so many distractions.  I looked at him and encouraged him to continue explaining this thought.  He said that here in America, youth have so many options, so many demands for their attention, that he was happily surprised to see them choose to focus on God.  Here, if you are sick, you go to the doctor; if you are hurt, you go to the hospital.  If you are in danger, you call the police.  If you are hungry, you go to the store, or just to the refrigerator.  He explained, in Kenya, if you are sick, you pray.  Because there is no doctor, God is your only option.  If you are hurt, you pray.  If you are in danger, you pray.  If you are hungry, you pray.  There is no other rescue.  You must turn to God.

In that moment, I realized one of the greatest detriments of our wealthy Western culture.  We have other options.  In Kenya, they pray continuously, like the Bible instructs, because they have to.  Here we try to, but we always get sidetracked, distracted, by our other options.   I don’t want God to be an option; I want Him to be the solution, always.  I want to turn to Him first and only.  When I am sick, I want to pray, and if God answers and wants me to go to the doctor, awesome.  When I am in danger, I want to pray, and then call 911.  When I am hungry, I want to pray, then go to Whataburger.  Although I think God might lead a different direction.




P.S. We are getting back to Romans soon.  I got a little overwhelmed by the beginning of Romans and then had to get ready for camp.  It’s coming this next week.