Okay, I just wanted to clear something up from yesterday’s blog.  If you missed it, you can go back and read it, but the basic idea was that I’m considering moving away from a smartphone and why.  What I wanted to clear up was this… I’m not against technology.  I’m not saying that iPhones are evil, or that everyone should get rid of them.  I just think that they dominate our time more than we would like to admit and I think we might make better decisions if we didn’t have them.  Maybe I’m not even saying that.  I think I’m just saying that I would make better decisions without it.  I waste too much time on the phone.  I let a text message take the place of conversation.  In fact, even last night, after I had posted the blog, I found out one of my best friends had been in the hospital getting tests done.  My wife asked if I was going to call him and I said…, “No, I’ll text him in a little bit.” I changed my mind and called.  And left him a voicemail.  And he texted me back.

All that really happened, but I just shared it to be funny.  He had been in the hospital.  I didn’t expect him to answer the phone, or even to text back really.  I just wanted him to know that I cared what was going on in his life, and I cared enough to call.   Because if I get right down to the real core reason why I text instead of call, it’s that I don’t want to have the rest of the conversation.  I want them to know I reached out.  I want to get the answer to a question.  But I’m not trying to be known.  I don’t want to answer any questions.  I don’t want to struggle with what to talk about.  I want them to feel connected without much real connection happening.

Wow, this blog has really taken a left turn.  I just started to write it because I wanted you to know that while I may choose to get rid of my iPhone, I’m not getting rid of my iPad.  It’s awesome.  But I’m not as likely to take it out when I’m at the playground with my kids.  At a time when I should be playing with them.  And even if it’s one of those days they’d rather play with their friends rather than their dad, I want to pay attention to them.  When my kid draws a picture of me at school, I don’t want it to be a  stick figure with a phone in his hand.

But I’m not against technology.  I love my iPad.  I read on it.  I study on it.  I research on it. I’m writing this blog on it right now in the corner at Whataburger.  That’s all I’m trying to say.