I don’t know if that’s the politically correct term, but I’m about tired of smart phones. Have you noticed how impatient we have become? Because it takes a few extra seconds to connect to a worldwide system of computers with access to most of the knowledge in the known world from our phone in the middle of a grocery store. And it’s hurt our relationships too, for two reasons I think. One because we substitute a misspelled sentence containing an emoticon for time together. And two because we get upset at people over this faulty form of communication. We’re upset because they didn’t respond fast enough. Because we read one meaning into the sentence when they meant another (no tone of voice). I think it’s really because this was never meant to be the main way we communicated. And if I’m honest, the main reason I’m considering getting a dumb phone is that I waste too much time.

I saw a young man in an airport, traveling with his girlfriend. He was on his phone for their whole layover, never spoke to her. What could he possibly be doing on his phone that is worth more than her? I wanted to walk over there and let her know that she is worth more than that, that she deserves better treatment than that. But you know? I see it all the time. I see parents ignoring their kids because they are on their phones. Because Angry Birds is more interesting than playing with their real kids. Because celebrity gossip is more entertaining than invest in a real person. And I’m afraid that I’m falling into the same trap. When I have a free moment, I pull out my phone. Honestly, how often do I need to know the scores of every game in every sport on the planet? But I check them. There is no margin in my life anymore. Not because I’m too busy (although I may be, but that’s not what this blog is about). Because I fill every square inch with junk.

I need some space to be quiet. Too listen. I want my first inclination when I have a free moment to be to pray. Or to study. Or to love someone nearby. And for me to accomplish that, I just might need my phone to be dumber.