All right, it’s hockey day here at Sports Week.  And it’s probably going to be fairly short.  I really enjoy the sport but don’t know a lot about it.  Right as I was getting into it, I moved to places where hockey is unknown (Houston, Memphis and Austin).  Okay, so it’s not completely unknown, but it is far in the background.  All that to say, I’m a Dallas Stars fan.  I found hockey when the Stars moved to Dallas.  And they were good.  So it was fun.  I enjoyed learning the sport, and it turned out to be a high-speed version of soccer, which I also liked.  My favorite player was Jere Lehtinen.  Because he worked hard and didn’t get most of the star attention.  Oh and I was a big fan of Brett Hull.  I wish he had played in Dallas longer.  I still remember the goal to win the Stanley Cup, controversial or not.  I was the only one awake in the house, trying to keep myself from screaming as I ran around the TV room.  During my fantasy sports phase (when I played had teams in fantasy leagues for just about anything you can imagine, and yes that includes the stock market), I had a hockey team that was always built around Mats Sundin from the Toronto Maple Leafs, so he will always have a special place as well.

I enjoyed playing a concert after the Phoenix Coyotes game this season as they were making a playoff push.  So I cheered for them as they made a great run through the playoffs.  But the Kings were not to be denied.  Oh well.

And honestly, my favorite hockey memory was the early days of AreaOne camp where we would play hockey on the basketball court in tennis shoes.  So maybe it’s not real hockey, but it was a lot of fun.