It’s baseball day.  Which is fitting since it’s actually baseball season.  I’m a Rangers fan.  I have been a little up and down over the years, from casual to avid fan.  Never a rabid fan.  But I have definitely followed and cheered many generations of the Rangers.  When I was a kid, I loved Jim Sundberg.  He was definitely my favorite.  It’s funny; I never considered myself a fan of the catcher position.  But from Sundberg to Pudge Rodriguez, now to Mike Napoli, they are consistently some of my favorite Rangers.

The early 90’s were big years for me as a fan, because I would gather up my reading/homework at college and drive down to the ballpark, buy a cheap outfield seat, and do my work and watch the game.  I would cheer for Nolan Ryan and Kenny Rogers.  No, not that Kenny Rogers.  Although I would cheer for him, too, now that I think about it.  I enjoyed our team of hitters: Pudge, Rafael Palmiero, Julio Franco, Juan Gonzales, Jose Canseco, Dean Palmer.  But my favorite was Rusty Greer.  Always loved Rusty Greer.  He played hard.  I liked that.

And of course, it’s actually easy to be a Rangers fan now.   Two World Series in a row and off to a great start this year.  We have a great team.  Proud of how Josh Hamilton handled the fiasco in the offseason to come back and have a great year.  He’s an alcoholic who went out and got drunk.  And then confessed and turned it around.  Put safeguards in place to keep himself from falling again.  It actually sounds like a great job of handling a sin problem.  And now he’s playing great, as well.  It’s awesome to see Nolan Ryan and Jim Sundberg in the office guiding the team.  And I’m excited about what Yu Darvish brings to the team.  Should be another good year.

College baseball is a little harder to follow.  Mainly because by the time I remember about it, it is half over.  But I still try to step it up and cheer for the Longhorns.  Fortunately we’re usually really good, and they don’t miss my cheering.  This year, I was a little bit late and they needed more help than usual.  But I’m sure we’ll turn it around next year.  I also usually cheer for Rice.  Just because it’s a school of smart people and baseball is the one sport I know they’re good at.