I know you may not be a fan, but soccer is my sport of choice.  It’s what I played growing up and what I still love.  Obviously, the World Cup is the best known soccer moment, and it only occurs every four years.  So in national teams I root for Brazil and the US.  I have always loved the way Brazil plays soccer.  The flowing runs, the great passing, the high skill level.  And you’ve got to cheer for the home team.  We’re still getting better.

I loved to watch France back when Platini roamed the midfield with Giresse, Fernandez, and Tigana.  But I haven’t enjoyed much of their soccer of late.  Until Ribery.  But he has little help.  And West Germany used to be the enemy.  But I have enjoyed some of the ball the Germans have played in the last few years.  Argentina and England should be good; they have the players.  But you still have to play the game.  Which they often don’t.

In club ball, England, it’s Manchester United.  Loved them long time.  Keane, Giggs, Schmeichel, Cantona, Beckham.  And now, too.  In Italy, I grew up as a fan of Juventus, but they have lost some of their character and some of their flair.  I usually cheer for Inter Milan now.  Could never switch over to AC.  And in the US, it’s FC Dallas.  I loved going to see them play in the Cotton Bowl.  And my Alain Sutter #66 Dallas Burn jersey is still one of my favorite presents I ever received.