Everyone who is not into sports is probably going to want to skip this week of blogs.  Just wanted you to know.  I’ve been looking at what I post on here and realizing that it really is only a part of who I am.  And so in between the serious questions, the searching posts, I thought I would also talk about a few things that I like that, well, aren’t quite as spiritually deep.  We have a bunch of folks that participate in March Madness but don’t comment on other things.  And seeing how many of you commented on the dog post, maybe I’ll connect with some of you on these as well.

So we’re going to do a week of sports blogs.  Because I like them.  If you don’t, that’s totally okay.  You just might want to check back next week.  But every day this week, we’ll hit one or more sports.  We’ll start with the most popular here in the US: football.

I’m a Dallas Cowboys fan.  Legitimately.  I grew up 10 minutes from Texas Stadium.  I grew up under Tom Landry, Roger Staubach, Tony Dorsett, Tony Hill, Drew Pearson, Randy White, Too Tall Jones, Harvey Martin, and Charlie Waters.  I loved those guys.  It probably started with my grandmother who was a huge fan.  She had a friend who was a barber for some of these guys.  So he would bring me a signed picture or football every once in a while.  I, like most Cowboys fans, struggled through the transition to Jerry Jones.  Because he didn’t embody a lot of what had been Cowboy football in the earlier years.  Of course, I still enjoyed the three Super Bowl Championships in the 90’s.  I just didn’t and don’t always agree with how he does business.  But I won’t leave my team just because of that.  I think a lot of the time he makes moves (especially in the draft) because of what is cool or exciting, and not necessarily because of what we need as a football team.  However, I am excited that we drafted Morris Claiborne this year.  I think that could really help.

Now in most sports I am primarily a college fan.  The home team in the college ranks is obviously the Texas Longhorns.  If you don’t know, I live in Austin TX, so again it is a legitimate fandom.  We’ve had good years recently and then a rough one last year.  But I think we’ll be better this year.  The defense is going to be great.  I think Manny Diaz has done a great job stepping in and reshaping that unit.  And I think the offense will start to come together as well.  I know we have to have a starting quarterback.  But I think this year we’ll run the ball a lot better and whichever QB it is won’t be required to carry as much of the load.  And I’ll cheer them on anyway.

I also usually cheer for Notre Dame.  Now they have been struggling recently as well.  But like I said, I won’t bail because of a few difficulties.

Now we’ll need to have a few guidelines in the comment section since sports fans are a little more diehard than theology fans.  Okay, that’s actually probably not true, it’s just we don’t get into a lot of arguments here.  I’d actually like to see the battle between Ohio State fan and the 5 point Calvinist.  Could be entertaining.

All that to say, please be kind.  I’d love to know who you like and who you cheer for.  I don’t need to know who you dislike.  I don’t want you to get after anyone else because of who they like.  So we’ll refrain from any negative comments (at least until we get to college basketball, and then it’s open season on Duke.)  I know this goes against a lot of normal sports commentary but let’s try to keep it positive.  Maybe even positive and encouraging.  Thanks.