When we tell someone we love them, do we put a disclaimer on it?  If we are asked, “Why do you love me?”, is the answer ever, “Because you can cook,” “because you’re taller than me,” “because you can swim”?  No, and I don’t think it would go over well.  We should love not because of what someone can offer us, but because of who they are.  At my church, we’ve had a couple of weeks of comments on the difference between being useful and being beautiful.  If we love someone because they are useful, we view them as a means to an end.  We may love them, but we love something else more and they are helping us achieve that.  If we love someone because they are beautiful, they are our end.  They are what we are pursuing.  Now, I hope you know me well enough to know that I am not merely talking about physical beauty.  I mean that we are attracted to them, drawn to them, because of who they are, not because of what they can do for us.  Many times, I think our answer to “Why do you love God?” is “He died for me.”  And don’t get me wrong.  That’s awesome.  But I think there is a deeper love that we find the more we get to know him.  We find a beauty that we would pursue if He offered us nothing but Himself.  And I am quite sure that would still be enough.