Okay, so making guacamole isn’t exactly cooking.  It is more collecting ingredients, smashing, and stirring, but that didn’t seem like a good title.  I thought we should do another cooking segment in time for March Madness.  So now you’ll have a great guacamole dip when your friends come over to watch the game.  Or when you watch it by yourself.  Here’s what you need.

3 avocados
pico de gallo

1. Pick good avocados.  That’s important.  They shouldn’t be mushy, but should just yield under gentle pressure.  Cut them open.  Take out the seed.  Scoop the avocado out of the skin.  Smash it with a fork.  Just smash it though, don’t stir it yet.  You don’t want it too smooth, makes the texture weird.  And you still have to stir in everything else.

2. Salt and pepper.  Great words.  Normally they are nouns but in cooking they are also verbs, meaning to add salt and add pepper. If you want the Agnew secret ingredient, use white pepper.  I use it in almost everything.  Still gives you a little kick without being so peppery.

3. The other secret ingredient is that I just use pre-made pico de gallo.  I get mine from my local grocery store.  I choose the hot variety because the avocado will tame it a little anyway.  A couple of big spoonfuls of this, and stir it all together.  Don’t get too much of the liquid because that will make it too watery.

4.  Get good tortilla chips and eat.

So this is really easy, but it tastes great.  Everyone will be impressed.  Just don’t showw them the pre-made pico, because then they will not be as impressed.