The new CD How To Be Loved comes out today.  You can find it at your local Christian store, on iTunes, or at our online store.  You can only get the corresponding t-shirt on our online store.

I’m so excited to finally share this record with you guys.  It has been a long time coming, but it has given me time to appreciate this record and the process.  This is the best record I’ve done in a long time.  At least I think it is.  I can’t wait to start to hear the stories of how God uses it in your lives.

At the beginning, I brought an idea to my label, Ardent Records.  I wanted to go to Nashville and record a couple of the songs with Jason Ingram.  They bought into the idea, and I went down the road and wrote The One You Want with Jason, and we recorded it and one of my favorite worship songs Your Great Name.  Then Ardent brought an idea to the table, what about working with Paul Ebersold on the rest of the record?  I was honored, but I wasn’t sure how we would mesh.  I loved Paul as a person and really respected all he’s done professionally but I didn’t know if we would work well together.  After a long phone call, I felt the complete opposite.  It seemed like he was perfect for this and I think he was.  Paul pushed me in every area.  As I’ve mentioned before, he’s the only producer that’s ever challenged me spiritually as well as musically.  We talked often of George MacDonald and other things.  And he really pushed me musically as well.  Most importantly he saw value in some songs that I had missed.  Letting Go and There Is Coming A Day are definitely so much stronger because of his belief in them.  We made a good record.  And then, because of some business things, the record had to wait.  I didn’t completely understand why, but I knew God had a plan for it.  And He has brought that plan to completion today.  For some reason, today is the day God wanted you to hear these songs.  And I am so excited that you get to.

Below I’m going to provide some links to the Story Behind The Song blogs.  Keep checking back over the next couple of weeks and you’ll get to catch the rest of them as well.

The One You Want

Love Your Neighbor

God Undefeatable

Letting Go

There Is Coming A Day


Give What’s In Your Hand

Don’t You Think

House of Boxes

You Are Good

Your Great Name


I hope you guys enjoy this record.  And more importantly, I hope God uses it powerfully in your lives.  I love you all and hope God teaches you how to be loved.  He won’t do it in this record, but He will do it.  Through His word, and through your lives.  Be loved.