Hey guys. So one of my favorite parts of our community, this little online family is the conversations that happen in the comment responses to the blogs here. I have noticed that since we launched the new site, the comments have dropped dramatically. So I’m trying to understand why. Admittedly, I could have just been on a tear of writing terrible blogs. I understand that. But in case it’s something else, I wanted to ask. So here are some of my guesses as to what’s going on.

1) I thought maybe it was because there is a new way to comment and you haven’t learned it yet. If that is the case, then at the bottom right of each blog is a comment link. Hit that and you can comment.

2) maybe it is because I asked my great web guys to put all of the blog on the front page of the blog. Because of this, you don’t see any of the comments until you follow the link to the blog page itself. So maybe you’re afraid you’re the first person and you don’t like being alone.

3) my third idea was that maybe you were uncomfortable giving out whatever information they ask you in order to comment. Admittedly I don’t know what that is. If that’s a problem for you, obviously you don’t want to comment here to tell me that. So maybe hit me up on twitter and let me know. I’m @AgnewsDei.

There are probably a lot of other good reasons but this was all I could think of on short notice. And I didn’t want to let it go on any longer. I miss hearing your thoughts and ideas. Looking forward to hearing from you this time.





Hey everyone, thanks so much for already engaging on this.  Please don’t feel any pressure.  I’m not in any way saying you have to respond.  I read blogs all the time and rarely comment.  I know we are all busy and sometimes you just need to read and get back to your life.  That’s great.  I do love to hear your thoughts, but I’m not trying to squeeze comments out of you.  I just wanted to make sure that with some of the new changes we’ve made that we weren’t impeding your participation in any way.  Thanks again.