This is the final installment of the trilogy known as Ezra and Special Education.  If you missed parts one and/or two, you can find them here:

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And now, Part Three:

My sister taught the Special Education classes at an elementary school in Pennsylvania for many years.  She developed a certain skill set to help kids learn things that would help them throughout their lives.  She studied each student trying to understand how best to help them learn.  She cared about each child.  And she had a seemingly endless amount of patience as most of these students struggled and fought to get a grasp on each morsel of knowledge.  She saw their value, and wanted the best for them.

That makes her awesome.  And it reveals a lot of my weaknesses.  But at the moment, it makes me ask what we are doing to help these kids understand the Bible, to grasp the gospel, to know Jesus.  I’ve never heard an announcement from a pulpit about the Special Needs ministry.  I’ve never talked to someone who said they were going to go back to school to take some classes that would help them teach these children not math or spelling but the truths of God.  I’m not saying these things and these people are not out there.  I’m just saying I haven’t heard about them.  And that is causing me to wonder.

I also have two different friends who have had children with Down’s Syndrome in the last couple of years.  It made me care more about their well-being.  These kids are awesome, kind, and loving.  But I don’t want them to just be happy, I want them to have the greatest opportunity to know as much of Jesus as possible.  I just don’t know how to help there.

In 1 Corinthians 9:22b, Paul says, “I have become all things to all people, that by all means I might save some.”  And so, I’m just wondering what we might be able to become, so that they might be saved.  I know their parents are doing all they can.  And honestly, the special needs students I’ve met over the years have been some of the kindest and most Christ-like people I have known.  They have shown unconditional love in a way I have seen few other places.  But I want the church to give to them as well.


Will you share any thoughts you have?  What have you seen?  Share the stories that you may have already heard, maybe even been a part of.  I’d appreciate it.