I really enjoyed the new Star Trek movie.  I saw it in the theater on a date with my wife, and loved it.  Then I watched it at home with my wife this past weekend and still loved it.  I’m not recommending that you watch it.  Nor do I plan to explain some vast spiritual truth through an analogy of the Borg or anything else Trek-related.  I’m just stating that I liked the movie.

Why did I like it?  Yes, I enjoyed the writing, and the acting, and many other things.  But the main reason I enjoyed it is because I remember watching Star Trek with my dad.  I’ve probably seen every episode of Star Trek, Star Trek Next Generation, and M*A*S*H*.  (I just put The Facts of Life in the title because it sounded like a good title.  I like things in threes.  We didn’t actually watch it.)  But those shows have a special place in my heart because they are associated with my dad.  And so I enjoy a new movie because of its connection to my childhood

But that made me wonder…  In our current culture, what do families bond over?  We can’t watch the same TV shows anymore.  Most shows are not kid appropriate.  Heck, we don’t even watch sports very much at my house because I don’t want my kids to see the commercials.  So in 20 years, they won’t be able to turn these TV shows into movies, because these kids aren’t connected to them.  The only channel I feel safe leaving on with the kids in the room is the Food Network.  And I don’t see there ever being an Emeril movie.  Hopefully.


Anyway, it’s just a thought I was having.  I don’t know what to make of it.  I don’t know if there is even a conversation to be had.  But that’s what I was thinking about.