Sorry for the long break in this blog series.  Had a few things going on including my wife’s surgery and the new single coming out.  But now we’re back.  If you missed part one, you can check it out here.

Ezra and Special Education, part 1


I was once in school and had teachers.  My parents were teachers.  I’ve had many friends that were teachers.  And now, I have kids in school.  Where they have teachers.  So I’ve been around a lot of teaching.  And I have noticed that over the years we have put more and more effort into understanding how people learn.  We are realizing that people learn differently, and therefore we must understand how they learn in order to teach them well.

And so I have begun to wonder why we don’t use these same techniques to share the gospel, to make disciples, to introduce Jesus.  I know that some people are doing just that.  Some churches are doing awesome jobs.  But I don’t know very many of them.  I hope some of you will comment below and share with me the things you’ve seen.  I’ve seen art used in beautiful ways by Jamie and Jeremy Wells at  I’ve seen video used to tell amazing stories by the folks at I Am Second.   I’ve done tons of camps with Student Life and watched them use drama in powerful ways.  But I still see us most of the time play 4 songs in whatever style is popular at our church, then preach a 30-45 minute sermon in the teaching style favored at our church, closing with one song, and including an offering and announcements somewhere in the process.  And I wonder… is this just the least common denominator?

Is there a way to begin to understand how our people learn?  To communicate with them in a way that reaches the depths of their hearts?  Can we try things that we know are only going to reach a small percentage of our people, but will touch them in a way they have never experienced before?  I don’t know the answers to these questions, but I am willing to start to ask them.

I am going to ask them of myself too.  What should a night in concert look like?  Obviously I’ve already changed the formula to some extent by including a lot of teaching and storytelling.  But I wonder if that was for you?  Or for me?  What can I do to help you connect with God in a new and powerful way?  What kind of people are coming to Todd Agnew shows?  How do they learn?  Can I meet them there with the gospel?

I look forward to hearing your thoughts, your stories, and maybe even your plans.  Share your stories of churches and teachers that are communicating the gospel in a creative effective way.  Teachers, please jump in and share your skills and insights as to how some of the teaching techniques you have learned could be effective in introducing people to Jesus and teaching theology.  Maybe share how you learn and how you wish you could be taught.  Or just comment with whatever came to your heart and mind as you read.  I’d love to hear from you.