Thanks to everyone who has been praying for my family today.  My wife had surgery on her wrist.  We had been planning on it; it wasn’t an emergency surgery.  She was in a motorcycle accident 7 years ago and had hurt her wrist really badly.  When they reconstructed it, the doctor put a titanium plate in it.  It has done beautifully.  But she has started to have trouble with it.  After consulting the doctor, we realized that the plate had done its job but now needed to come out.  So that’s what today was.  Not a huge deal, but still surgery.  And therefore still full of fear and stress.  The procedure went perfectly.  We are back settled in at home.  Now she just has to chill and let that bone heal for the next 6 weeks.  And if you know my wife, that is going to be the real challenge.  So thanks so much for your care and prayer support today.  Please continue to pray that the bones heals well and quickly.  Pray that she recovers easily from the surgery.  And pray that she gets some rest.  That’s hard to do when your arm is hurting.  So that’s what happened today for those of you who just saw the twitter update and prayed.  And actually, that’s what happened today for those of you who didn’t see it as well.  Thanks for being part of our community.  We will soon get back to “The One You Want” story behind the song blog and the second and third parts of Ezra and Special Education.