Jeremy Horn and I were back on the road last week talking with radio stations about our new singles.  This post is not about that.  It’s about a thought I had in a gross public restroom in some random truck stop along the way.

I like to dry my hands with paper towels.  Ever since they started making warm air hand dryers (with the “w” consistently scratched out by some budding comedian), I have always looked around for the paper towel holder which is usually still nearby somewhere.  The thing is… I know that it’s better for the environment to keep our waste to a minimum.  And I care about the environment.  I live in Austin, TX.  I think they check whether or not you are environmentally conscious before they let you move here.  I want to take care of the world we live in.  I want to pass on blessings to the next generation, not just pass on our problems.  But I just feel better drying my hands with a paper towel.

In other words, I say I believe something, but I have no intention on acting on it in a circumstance where it causes me the least inconvenience.  Using the air dryer takes a few more seconds of my time.  And sometimes my hands still feel a little damp afterwards.  And each time I’m in a restroom I think to myself, “It’s just one paper towel!”  But sometimes you need two or three to get the job done correctly.  Have I contributed truckloads of waste to the environment because of my truck stop habits?  Probably not.  Maybe just one truck.  But I have said that I believed in something and consistently acted in opposition to that.

Most of us say we need to read our Bibles every day…, but we don’t.  We say we should pray more…, but we don’t.  We say we should tithe or give to the poor or love our neighbor…, but we don’t.  We treat them like New Year’s Resolutions.  We say them knowing full well that we have no intention on keeping it more than a week or so.  And when I say “we”, I mean “we”.  Me too.  In Luke 14, Jesus says we should count the cost.  I have counted the cost of using an air dryer instead of paper towels and although it is not ideal, I mean to do my small part in the truck stop restrooms of the world.  Now, I have to start counting the cost in areas that are even more important.

What areas do you need to start counting the cost in?  Where are your actions not meeting up with what you say you believe?