The first single from the new record goes to radio today.  The song is called God Undefeatable and I’d like to tell you a little about it.  But first, a caveat… For all you English teachers, we realize that “undefeatable” is not a word.  But honestly, we’ve never had need of it.  There was never a sports team that was undefeatable.  Every team, even one that goes undefeated for a season, eventually weakens and loses.  There was never a nation, an army, an empire that was undefeatable.  That is why we study them in history classes.  They are a part of the past.  As some point, they weakened and faded.  “Undefeatable” is not a word with a lot of applications.  In fact, I believe it only has one application.  It can only be applied to God.

God Undefeatable is a song of my church, Austin Stone Community Church here in Austin TX.  It was written by one of our worship pastors Aaron Ivey, one of our teaching pastors Matt Carter, and another worship leader friend Ross King.  I first heard the song in our Easter service last year and it immediately impacted me.  I began leading it at church and on the road.  It is a powerful way to celebrate the might and power of our God.

A main theme of the new record is that this huge story, the story of the Bible, the story of history, the story of my life, has a main character.  But that character is not me.  This story is and always has been about God.  He is the one fighting the battles.  He is the one winning the war.  I am a side character, but still a part.  A.W. Tozer said, “The good news is not that God is victorious.  What else would He be?  The good news is that we can be victorious too.”  In the story of David and Goliath, I had always assumed I played the part of David.  But I don’t think that’s right.  When I look at the story now, I think I’m much more like the army of Israel.  I’m sitting on the sideline, knowing I’m facing an opponent I cannot defeat.  I am in desperate need of someone who will step into the battle in my place and win the battle for me.  Jesus did just that.  He fought the giant of my sin, that I have consistently proven incapable of defeating, and He won.  He cut the giant’s head off at the cross.  But then He still turned and invited me to be a part of routing the Philistines.  I still have a part.  I’m just not the star.

We have a God who is undefeatable.  He cannot lose.  He has already won.  But the same God whose kingdom is unshakeable invites us to be a part.  The good news is that we can be victorious with Him.So God Undefeatable goes to radio today. Please be praying with us that God glorifies His name with this song. And you can always call your local radio station and ask them to play it.  Thanks.